Mirror – Before and After

I was on the hunt for vintage clothing when I came across this mirror for… wait for it… 2 bucks!! Yes, $2 at the local thrift shop. The frame is actually heavy plastic and the mirror was in fantastic condition.

One little fix-up needed. One side had some of the filigree missing, so I grabbed my trusty handsaw and took the matching piece from the opposite side to match up the symmetry.

Here she is all even and ready for a quick sand and then paint!

I taped off the mirror for ease, and applied a creamy coat of paint. Well, maybe more like 5 coats. With all the nooks and crannies of the mirror, it definitely took a few visits to get it right.

Next, I added a touch of black to my creamy paint until I achieved my desired grey colour. And, just started adding some details — it really brought out the texture of the mirror.

And here it is. I think it worked out great.

Let’s take a closer look at that detail. What do you think?

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