DIY: Bulletin Board 2.0

Okay. Bulletin boards. Functional? Yes. Pretty? Not-so-much. In the never-ending saga to improve the home gym, it is clear a bulletin board is a much needed accessory. I like ripping new exercises, tips, bits and bobs out of magazines and keeping them for reference. (I get bored easily). But the thought of throwing an ugly grade-school bulletin board up on the wall, makes me wanna cringe. And cover up that pretty paint colour (which isn’t there yet) ?? No way!

What if the bulletin board could be like it’s own piece of artwork? That, I can handle!

I found this board at Wal-Mart for about $12. I ripped it out of the frame, and mounted it onto a fibre board so I could wrap and staple fabric onto it.

I added some construction glue, and clamped the bulletin board and fibre board together…

After cutting some fabric to size, I placed the board, bulletin board side down, onto the fabric and stapled it on in the back.

Atop of some plywood cut to the finished size, I used some plastic edging from the hardware store, to mark out where the bulletin board will sit within the planned mosaic. That way, it keeps the edges sharp and the fabric on the bulletin board clean and safe from the work to come…

Staples are used to hold the edging in place.

I had spare tile left over from our fireplace project, and busted it into various sized pieces using a hammer. (Don’t forget your gloves and goggles! Breaking tile can be dangerous work — be careful!)

Next, using a toothed trowel, I applied the tile adhesive, and began laying out my tile.

Here it is with all the tiles in place:

With all the tile in place, it’s time to grout!

Once the grout is levelled and dried, I place the fabric bulletin board into position, and screwed it on from the underside with my trusty drill.

I hot-glue gunned some ribbon along the outside edge to hide the plywood. And, there you have it! Once the home gym is ready… I’ll add some hanging hardware to the back and add it to it’s new home!

What do you think??

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11 Responses to DIY: Bulletin Board 2.0

  1. Leigh says:

    Looks fantastic! You are really creative…I would have never thought to do such a thing! :)

  2. craftystaci says:

    That may be the prettiest bulletin board ever I’ve ever seen! Wow!

  3. Borrowed Abode says:

    I’m definitely a fan. You took the decorated bulletin board concept to a whole new level!

  4. Whoa, lady! That is one bitchin’ bulletin board!

  5. freshcrush says:

    Thanks y’all… and thanks for the visit!

  6. methodpam says:

    Nice job! Is it heavy?

  7. Melissa says:

    Great Job!! it really looks awesome!
    ..I just had a question, where and how did you screw the board on to the plywood, it all looks so ‘seamless’ in the photo!


    • freshcrush says:

      Thanks Melissa! I’ve screwed the bulletin board on from behind. Just had to make sure my screws were long enough, of course, to go through the plywood backing and into the back of the board supporting the bulletin board. Hope that helps! ;)

  8. Meaghan says:

    Very cool! I have never tried doing any mosaic with tile before, it seems like a messy but fun project, and the result is awesome!

  9. What a cool, inspired DIY project! Not too cutesy or crafty, and looks like you could have paid a LOT for it. Gorgeous.

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