Cheerful, pop-up, tub o’ wipes

I like clean. Clean is good. I also like organization. Organization keeps all my cleaning supplies in one place. Makes sense. But, it also makes quick clean-ups kind of inconvenient. Okay, let’s be honest, I avoid it all together until full-on “cleaning time” comes around.

This poses a problem in our master bathroom. Between the hubby’s daily contact solution sessions, and me continually dusting the sink and counter with make-up… it can get icky. Well no more folks!

I start with a great biodegradable wipe product. Not so much guilt come garbage day, and affordable.

Fantastic. But if it’s going to be seen and with-in reach, the packaging has gotta do better than this. Enter the Mod-Podge!

You can get away with scissors, but this little paper slicer will make your life a whole lot easier. Grab a pack of sponge applicators at your local dollar store, and you’re ready to go.

Dig around in your recycle bin and find some flyers and newspapers with some bright colours. Don’t get hung up on the content, you won’t be able to see it when we’re all done. Use your scissors or trusty paper slicer to turn this:

into this:

Next, it’s time to mod-podge! Apply some mod-podge to the container, and apply strips of paper, one at a time, working in sections.

Keep going until it’s aaaaaaall covered.

Mod-podge is it’s own sealer. (Love all-in-one products!). So throw on a few extra coats to finish it off and…


Worthy of sitting out on the counter, ready for use. The entire lid pops right off, so it will be easy to find replacement wipes and re-use the container over and over again.

Happy ‘podgin’ y’all!

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