Front Door Landing Strip

We need a landing strip. You know those handy little spots you throw your keys and mail down when you come home after a long day?

It has to keep you organized. It’s the worst when you’re running late and have NO IDEA where your keys are! Everybody’s been there right?

So, if we can keep those little moments in life less hectic, it’s win-win. After a teeny bit of elbow grease, this is what I came up with…


I started with an old room divider. You might remember seeing that project here. Basically it is a large painting canvas covered on both sides with fabric. Time for a new life my darling…


A little bit of ribbon, a few hooks, magnets and clips help complete the transformation.


I added super handy magnetic strip across the top and simply drilled it into the wood frame of the canvas (another repurpose from my old office space).


The centre support on the canvas works perfectly for adding a few handy hooks. An easy trick is to use tape to evenly mark out the placement of the hooks, remove it when you’re done!


The ribbon was stapled around the sides and back…


Okay, here’s where it gets tricky…

Do you have an IKEA near you? If so, you’ve probably seen or bought a few of the RIBBA picture rails. Fantastic and useful and lovely. Well… I murdered one.

I brought home two. One for my project, and one for the Kiddo’s room. I have no idea how I managed this one… but I ended up being over 5 INCHES off when trimming it down. Yep, I said inches. I did that. That poor RIBBA is dead. But on the upside, it’s a great intro to my new “Keeping it Real” segment to the blog. Yep. I will show you all my amazing blunders, and incredible disaster zones happening outside the frame of the photos I share here.

So here you go. Instead of one end-cut of the picture rail, I’ve got 3 wasted chunks sitting out in my garage right now. You know I will definitely attempt a second life for those poor little guys.


Okay, so back to our new landing strip…

After the SECOND attempt at trimming down the picture rail, I attached it to the outer frame of the canvas, and added some great metal clips to the ribbon below, and it was ready to find a new home on the wall beside our (new) front door. It had been looking pretty boring until now… but the shot of yellow is refreshing and gives a bit more purpose to our bench sitting there (maybe the bench needs a new fabric?? Not sure yet).


The ledge collects the mail, phones and sunglasses, while the hooks handle the keys. There is plenty of storage left over for notes, to-do lists, photos and whatever else we want to share with each other. And, a cute basket makes quick work of junk mail and flyers.



Everything in it’s place. Cheery. Functional. I think it all worked out… still feel bad for that poor Ribba.


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