Hide wire clutter with a shower rod?

Now that we have some fresh paint up on the wall (photos coming soon!), this wire mess just won’t do.


Recognize the shelving unit? Yet another repurpose for the new place. We need something to safely hold a couple components, and this will do for now. However, it doesn’t help us hide any of the accompanying power cords.

All we need for the job, is a handy dandy plastic shower rod cover. Yep, a shower rod cover. They are great for hiding wires. Never mind the drill, you’ll see what that is for in a minute.


I added the extra step of mounting my power bar (that’s where the drill came in) to the back of the cabinet (look for the keyhole on the back of yours, there’s a good chance you can mount it wherever you need to).


Give the plastic rod cover a light sanding, and then paint the same colour as your wall. Let it dry and you’re ready to go!


Measure the length of wire you need to hide, and cut your painted cover down to size. Then, easy-as-pie, slip it over all those pesky cords.


See? There they are hiding in there. And, because it expands, you can hide quite a lot.


The tension from the wires is enough to hold it in place, no securing needed.


Muuuuuuch better, am I right? A $5 fix, to a pretty ugly problem. Not too shabby, another reason why I LOVE the hardware store.

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