DIY Burlap Christmas Wreath

Love Christmas? Love DIY? Are you ready to start flinging around some holiday spirit? It’s getting pretty close, so it’s a great time to flex your DIY muscle, Christmas-style with a DIY Burlap Christmas Wreath!

Here is a great start. Super easy. Super fast. Completed and hung in 2 hours. And, that is for the over-sized version. Keep this small, simple, and door sized, and you’ll burn through this project in 45 min.

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

diy burlap christmas wreath


DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

burlap wreath supplies

What do we need for this little gem? Willow branch wreath, 2 packages of burlap strip, pipe cleaners, (I got mine from Michaels), & flowers or Christmas accents of your choice.

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

I began by cutting all my pipe cleaners in half. Then, all there is to this is feeding a pipe cleaner into the structure of the willow wreath, create a loop in your burlap and attach the loop to the willow wreath by twisting the two together. Add a pipe cleaner, another burlap loop, twist, twist.. and keep going…

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

Around and around you go. Warning: If you are doing the large version… this WILL get a little tedious… so pop in some Christmas tunes to keep your Christmas mojo flowing, and have fun!

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

DIY burlap christmas wreath

I wanted to finish the bottom of my wreath off with a bow. So I took two layers of burlap and tied them into double layer bow, nice and full and strong.

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

All done your wreath loops? No need to be perfect! Don’t panic if some loops are a touch bigger or smaller, or spacing is a little wider or narrower, the burlap is actually very forgiving.

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

Leave a little room for your Christmas accents. In my case I found some faux magnolia blooms, along with gold and glittery branches, and of course, my burlap bow. So I left about a 12 or 15″ gap in my loops.

I positioned the stems along the wreath, and wrapped them around slightly (they were pretty flexible), then took more burlap and wrapped all the way around the stems and wreath, (just like you would with a bandage around your arm) and tied it off.

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

I tucked one last pipe cleaner into the wrap, to hold the burlap bow in place. Once you’ve got everything in place, give everything a little fluff, and go choose the place of honour for your newest holiday creation!

DIY burlap Christmas Wreath

Burlap and willow christmas wreath

In my case it was the staircase railing you see head on, as you walk through the front door. And, its not too heavy, so a large 3M hook did the trick! (Love those things).

See? Well on your way to some Christmas Cheer & Holiday Fun! Happy Holidays everybody! May all things be Merry & Bright with you, and your loved ones!


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  1. I love this! So pretty :) Great job!

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