I like fresh things. Fresh laundry, fresh ideas, fresh paint, a fresh take… on anything. It changes my mood, my direction, my attitude. This results in half-made crafts, weird food concoctions for supper, and an obsession with buying old dressers from the second hand store. Seriously, I need to stop… I’m running out of rooms that need dressers.

I’m a bit cheap, but I feel like it helps bring out my creative style. I like re-jigging things to make them work. And, the idea of ending up with something one-of-a-kind, is. the. beeeest!

sideshot-good-smI’ve got two other humans living with me, and a cat. And, they are all pretty awesome. My husband is super even keel, there’s not much that rattles him. This is good because I often pull up with my little hatchback full of “goldmine finds”, that smell old, and take up room in the garage. Yep. He’s awesome. The Kiddo is a spunky little thing. She prefers hopping over walking. Fine with me, burns off energy and she sleeps great. Yep, she’s awesome too. And, the cat? Well, all cats are awesome.

I do not have a University degree in Buying from Second-Hand Stores, or Stripping Furniture, or Rearranging Rooms. But, I do it anyway! It’s more of a “can’t help myself” kind of thing. If I’m not building, painting, sanding, or changing something… then I’ve probably got the flu. It’s like a limb, I can’t imagine living without.

I lay flooring, make my own artwork, remodel camp trailers (okay, just one), refinish furniture, disguise ugly ceiling fans, paint walls, install lighting, and invent things like copper shoe racks, all in that — Meh, I’ll figure it out as I go, kinda way. It keeps things interesting.

If I can do it, you can do it. That’s why I like sharing as much as I can, in the hopes of inspiring someone out there… not to mention, hearing from YOU too. I love fresh ideas. I hope Fresh Crush can be a community for us all to support, inspire, create, and just be. And, yes… kill off your coffee break at work — that works too.

 See the complete transformation of this dingy vintage camp trailer, into a vibrant and modern slice of traveling paradise. This beauty received a complete overhaul!    copper-shoe-rack-thumb    ceiling-fan-thumb

You can also find me around here — I’d love to see you…

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