This is so easy y’all! Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan in just 5 minutes. Yep, five minutes is all you need to pretty up those outdated ceiling fans. A few affordable accessories will have you finished in no time. Read on to find out all the details!



This takes the cake as the easiest light change… ever. Yes, ever. I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner! Let’s add a drum shade to your ceiling fan, people…

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!


We’ve all seen them. Some of us have them, and thankfully I have one less. This has been staring down at us all year, right over the bed. UGLY. But… needed. Those long and hot Summer days can make for some uncomfortable temperatures at night. So this beauty isn’t going anywhere. (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures).

(Be sure to inspect your light to purchase proper sized parts, fittings, and assemblies. I’ve gathered some links here, for inspiration and convenience).

SUPPLIES to add a drum shade to your ceiling fan:

  1. Nut adaptor or Coupler 

  2. Threaded post

  3. Drum shade (with spider setting)

  4. Nut

I have seen fans outfitted with a glass drum shade for a couple hundred dollars in the lighting section of the hardware store. I could never pull the trigger because even if I wanted to shell out the bucks, the scale was off with the light and the fan, and I never really liked them anyway.

So, there I was staring at my fan one day, inspired by my last lighting makeover adventure, and knew there had to be something I could do.

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

Do you know your fan should have this little nut that screws out of the centre of your fixture?

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!


Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

Yep, there it is right there. You can see the nut in my hand. Ignore the bolt and adaptor. I had those at the ready while I experimented with ideas for the light.

Turns out (this might blow your mind), all you need to do is:

My only little extra was to replace my cheap plastic pulls with these gorgeous crystal cut glass pulls. Small investment for a HUGE improvement.

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

(It’s worth mentioning you’ll need a “spider” style drum shade. Mine had 3 arms which worked fantastic for fitting them over the 3 bulbs. The centre of the spider slipped right onto the threaded bolt in the middle of the fixture, and the nut holds it in place).

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

Total. Improvement. Pictures just can’t do it justice because it actually changes the whole feeling of the room. It went from this purely function-only, don’t-look-at-me-fixture, to a pretty addition to the room. It’s a piece of the puzzle, instead of this thing I’m trying to ignore.

Oh, and the fact that it took ZERO electrical maneuvering, and literally took 5 minutes to get the job done, was kind of the best thing ever.

Here’s an extra tip… if you need a little more post length, (I did), to fit your drum shade to your fixture, you can use a post adaptor. This is what you’re looking for:

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

I found this one in the lighting aisle at the hardware store (during another lighting project). Everything was in this package with the lighting posts:

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

And, here is how it would look put together when attaching your drum shade to your fan ceiling fixture:

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan! It only takes 5 minutes with this easy DIY!

Good luck updating those ceiling fans people! Make ’em pretty!





27 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful idea and it’s ingenious and classy. Would you mind adding the drum shade size that you chose for your fan size? It would be incredibly helpful. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! Thanks! Have been looking for a fan w/ a drum shade or trying to figure out how to add one to mine!!!

  3. I actually want yo add a capiz shell lotus shade to my ceiling fan. The shade has a spider fitting that is much bigger than yours. About 5he size if a silver dollar. Because the shade is not meant for a lamp but to use with a light kit for a ceiling light. If I could figure out how to adapt this shade to the fan it would solve my dilemma of wanting the matching light in my living room to the light in my dining area but not wanting to give up the fan because I live in FL.

  4. Thank you, thank you. It took me a little more than 5 minutes on the first fan, but no kidding on the second! Thanks so. I love it! I wanted to add a picture but can’t figure out how.

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  6. I Want to do this but my fan has 5 bulbs with 5 ugly glass shades, awful! How do I measure to know which size drum shade I need to fit over all 5 bulbs?
    Wish I could add picture!

    1. I think it will come down to the style of your drum shade. Mine was a spider shade with only 3 prongs which each fit between 2 of the bulbs. You may need a little trial and error to fit to your 5 bulb light. Sorry I can’t be more help!

  7. Hi,
    I have the exact (think) ceiling fixture in my apartment and am going to do this, I was wondering what size lamp shade you used? It looks great proportionally (plus I can’t figure out how to measure mine to see what size I need).

    1. Hi Calley! That sounds great! I want to say mine is a 16″ diameter drum shade (we’re actually in the middle of a big reno and have that ceiling fan down and packed away at the moment). :/ And, it’s a “spider” shade, so it has the 3 prongs that fit over my 3 bulbs perfectly. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  8. Looks awesome! And btw thank you for your excellant pictures and directions! I got all the pieces and my fan makeover came out great! :D

  9. I have the center single.bulb and I use the uno shade, but I also want the drum shade for two fans. I have two uno rings and a couple of plain rings with no center. I am going to shades so they match my decor.

  10. HI, you are so clever to have figured this out, and thanks so very very much for teaching it to the rest of us!
    For years, I’ve HATED the fan on our patio which really is designed and functions like a dining room — you know where I’m going with this one! I just have to find a lamp shade that can withstand temperature swings – the patio’s covered but has one screened in wall.
    Thanks again, I can’t wait to get more great ideas from you!

  11. This is a awesome. Who would have known that you could transform a standard white ceiling fan into a light fixture that has so much more style and looks at least three times as expensive. I love these easy DIY’s that make a huge difference in a space. Thank you so much for sharing this trick with the world.

  12. hmmm…doesn’t sound like it will work if you have a center light and not 3 or more lights..What do you think?

      1. I have a center light fan and it works with the “uno” drum. You just have to insert it before you install the light bulb and tadam, so simple!

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