DIY: Room Divider

Remember that little home gym tease last week? Well, its got a long way to go, but one task is officially off the “to do list”. So just what was all of that fabric for? Custom room dividers! Here’s how it all went down: Most of my time was actually research (to DIY or not to DIY)…  I settled on using 2 large artists canvases suspended from the ceiling, clad in that beautiful trellis fabric.

The canvases are 30″ x 60″ in size.


Some of the tools you should keep handy for this project are: A drill, and suitable drill bit, pencil, ruler or measuring tape, screw anchors, hammer, staple gun and staples, safety glasses, of course your fabric of choice.

The hardware I used included:

Screw Hooks

Adjustable Connectors

Tape (for a decorative edge)

screwhook Ceiling Hooks.

connectors Adjustable Connectors.

hurricanetape Hurricane Tape.

I started by cutting 4 pieces of fabric to size. Making sure to leave plenty of overhang to staple to the edges of the canvas. I needed four pieces because, as this is a room divider, I wanted both sides to be identical and equally attractive.


The goal is to keep all staples to the outer edges of the canvas, they will later be concealed with the tape or option of your choice. Next… staple away my friends! This would be a good time to throw on your safety glasses. You don’t want one of those staples pinging back at’cha! If you’ve never stretched fabric before, be sure to start in the centre of one side, stretch and staple directly across on the opposite side. Repeat with the remaining 2 edges, and work your way around the canvas staple by staple, pulling the fabric taut each time. Create a tidy corner and staple down. Repeat steps on the other side of the canvas.


Now its time to cover those staples. I actually was pretty happy with this “hurricane tape”, as it had a monotone checkered pattern and a lot of sheen. It gives the impression of ribbon, without messing around with double sided tape or hot glue.


*NOTE: Pre-drill holes in both the ceiling, and the canvas, and test out how your divider hangs, before stretching the fabric. Use anchors in the ceiling when necessary. After I stretched my fabric, I used a magic marker to dot on the fabric where my pre-drilled holes were. You can use the same drill bit to pierce the fabric and taped edge.


Now, just add your screw hooks! One set on each canvas, and one set to match in the ceiling. Connect the two with your adjustable connectors, set to your desired height, and you’re done!


As you can see, our little home gym has a ways to go… but these dividers have allowed us so many more options in furniture placement in the rest of the basement. We have a finished “L” shape, and the home gym is at the base of that L, with a fireplace directly across from it. Now, with these dividers, we’ll be able to put a sofa with its back to the gym. Phew!

floorplan hanging01 divider02 divider01

Costs involved in this project: Fabric: $52 Hardware: $20 2 Canvases: $100 So, all in, this project ended up around $170 for 2 large room dividers. And, we have some bonus material left over! Maybe we’ll have some throw cushions in our future…

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