Those of you in new construction homes, know the challenge of adding character, or a sense of history to your home, while still honouring its young age. Antiques, like those found at Ever After Antiques, may just be the trick you need to do just that. Just because you enjoy antiques doesn’t mean that’s all you have to commit to. And, just because you prefer a modern home, doesn’t mean you can’t mix in a few antiques for a little fun and a little interest.

I love the look of mixing items from different eras — bringing the past a little closer to the present. Maybe you have some china sitting in a box that you’ve never used? Take it out of that box, even if just a few pieces. You can use it as artwork, a vessel for flowers, or add to a beautiful vignette to enjoy in your home.

I recently took an afternoon and visited a beautiful antiques store in Alberta Beach, Alberta, Ever After. This place has it all from large pieces of furniture to little figurines. Whatever you fancy. These are the items that came home with me that day:

A lovely rose coloured cream and sugar set. It only set me back $40, and I think it looks fantastic mixed with the pink floral family china that was passed down to me a few years back. Placed in a vignette on the dining room buffet, I can enjoy these pieces daily.

I seem to have developed a “thing” for decorative birds. This aluminum owl is not an antique, but definitely has character. I managed to find this little guy online, and I actually saved around $10 by buying it at Ever After, so can’t beat that. He’s currently perched on a shelf beside some family memories. Cute isn’t he?

This find, I noticed from across the room. It was just one of those pieces that speaks to you. I love the primitive nature of this little jewellery box. It has 3 section dividers in each drawer, with bakelite drawer pulls. Too cute and adds a little character to an otherwise modern bedroom.

Here are some of the other beautiful items available for purchase at Ever After

So get out there and take a peek in your local antiques shop. You never know, you might find something that really speaks to you.

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