I’ve been meaning to get around to this project for a while. And, I, and more importantly, the Kiddo couldn’t be happier. There is nothing quite like a play kitchen. But, let’s start at the beginning.

Our area has this wonderful free share weekend every Spring. You leave what you don’t want/need anymore curb-side, and you spend the weekend cruising neighbourhoods looking for that little free gem to take home with you. And, the best part, what doesn’t go, the city takes away for you.

This was my find. A laminate finish night stand that had seen better days, it was paired with a shelf that wasn’t a match, but I took it along with me.


I had a couple stove burners from our camping trailer reno (more on that another day). And, an old stainless bowl that I honestly NEVER use. So another free addition…


Once I had the space mapped out, I made the first cut using a jigsaw. Just left a little lip to hold the bowl in place.


So far, so good. But, it’s no kitchen.


Next I cut the shelf down to size to re-work as my oven door. Added a cheap magnet clip from the hardware store for about $2.


I rummaged through the garage for some old knobs and hinges, and already had this great yellow spray-paint kicking around. So… the budget is staying pretty low so far! Love yellow, it’s so darn cheery!


This is where things got a little squirrelly on me. I had planned to keep the drawer in place under the sink for storage. But… this not-so-loved piece of furniture wasn’t gonna keep it together for me. Time to change the plan…


I had this Spring Sash Rod (again, for our trailer makeover), so I stole a little piece of it and decided to make a dish-towel inspired curtain for the front of Kiddos’s play kitchen.


I only needed a little over a foot, so, that translates to about $1. Budget is still hanging in there.


This is the end of day one and Mummy was getting a little tired, so there is no pic for the little fabric curtain sewing adventure. But you get the idea. Hem a rectangle, and sew the curtain rod opening along the top, pop it into place, aaaaaaand, done!

Fresh and ready for day two. This is when the power drill gets its work-out. I decided on the placement of the “burner knobs”, and the burners, pre-drilled everything and then started putting everything in place.

The knobs in this case? Old plastic drawer knobs. I think they are literally 30 years old. But looking shiny new in that pretty yellow paint!


The burners didn’t have any pre-drilled holes, so I instead decided to use a heavy gauge wire to hold them in place. 3 pieces per burner, for a total of 12 pre-drilled holes…


And then it was just looping the wire and twist-twist-twist underneath until they were nice and secure.


Then, I thought, every chef needs a place to store her spices. Then I remembered the Ribba. Remember this shenanigan? Well, its not going to waste! A backsplash/spice rack you will be, poor little Ikea Ribba!


I pre-drilled the holes (3) along the back of the counter top, and screwed in the Ribba picture shelf upside-down and backwards. Worked perfect! (Just needed to use a little wood filler to hide the original screw hole).


Here is the funny part. If you’ve been playing along, you know the only purchase I made for our little play kitchen so far was the magnet door clip for a grand total of two beans. Yep, two bucks.

Welp, I’m about to blow that budget out of the water! Where’s a free faucet when you need one?? Gee Whiz! It just wasn’t going to happen, not in the cards. But — on the upside, Steven reminded me that maybe since the entire project cost next to nothing, just maaaybe it was ok to spend a little dough, y’know, so the Kiddo could get to the fun part of pretending to bake a little dough???

When he’s right, he’s right! (You know I bought the most affordable one I could find though)! Ended up spending just over $30. And, I mean, look at those adorable white handles? Yeah… it was worth it.


After popping on some more sunshine-y yellow painted hinges and painting that oh-so-convincing black oven window. She was done. Ready for tiny hands and big imagination!


Found a few more freebies around the house for “spices” and groceries, and the Kiddo was all set.


She had been watching me work on this baby for the last two days, and believe me, she was thrilled to finally get her hands on it!! She was pretty patient (mostly), that whole time — so I couldn’t be happier to finally hand it over to her and watch her go at it.


She made me pancakes first. Aww.
And, then promptly inspected her oven. I think she approved.




I mean, that face says it all. Top Chef? Chopped? Here she comes! But for now, her imaginary eggs are the best!


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  1. What are the burner made of? Are they real? I am in the process of making my son a kitchen but don’t know what to use as burners.

    1. Yes. Mine were real — pulled off an old camper stove. I’ve seen people paint on the burners, or maybe you could use old metal lids (from mason jars / paint cans / etc), and paint a “swirl” on top to mimic stove top burners? Good luck!

  2. This is just too darn cute and I so wish I had a little granddaughter to make this for! My daughter played with her “kitchen” until it was on its last leg…loved it! Great memories…just watching the fun with this darling play kitchen piece!

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