We made it! I have completed my first ever ORC. Six weeks of throwing fabric around, painting things, and spinning my sewing machine at full speed. This is my Kids Bedroom Design Final Reveal! My little lady gets her room back, at last… well, minus a couple little details, but we’ll get to that.

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design including great watercolor art!

This is exciting! Welcome —  step right in…  (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures). 

At first glance you get a nice long look at some of that Minted Artwork. That adorable deer is “Fleeting” by Betty Hatchett. The little jig in the wall (due to the new closet), created the perfect little nook for him. And, you can spy the “new” thrifted bed in the background…

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design with DIY painted thrifted vintage bedframe.

Hallelujah! All the pillows from week 4, got finished up, and made it on to the bed, along with some coordinating curtains. That little floral fabric sorta became my favourite as the whole ‘Kids Bedroom Design’ came together.

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design with custom floral curtains

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design with Buffalo Check and Custom Curtains!

This is where the little lady likes to sleep, right beneath that killer watercolour by Lindsay Megahed, available at Minted. We’ve got a plethora of comfy plaids and buffalo checks, and to be honest, I kind of wish I could move in.

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design great for any girl, from kid to teen

Of course, she’s got all of her buddies to hang out with her. She was thrilled up finally unpack her toys and games that have been in storage almost 5 months. Cruel, isn’t it? But, now it feels like Christmas for her!

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design, with double beds and vintage furniture!

Now for a little unfinished business. That dresser needs a little update. Have no idea what I’d like to do to it — but it’s a little orange, and needs a little sumpthin’. Also, the door trim and baseboard moulding didn’t make it up. Would you believe the first few pieces got installed as I was beginning to write this post?! (post-photography). We were thiiiiiiiis close. And, the moulding really finishes it off. (It looks so good. I’ll have to share it with another upcoming room design).

Double bed, Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design

There was a lot of good stuff happening this week too. The art is hung, curtains are sewn, and the beds are made. Yes, I said beds. Plural. The huge win was — WE HAVE TWO BEDS! Yippee! If you remember last week, we hit a little snag in that department. So, those second set of bed rails was a welcome arrival for sure!

Gorgeous Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design, for girls kids to teen! Gorgeous Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kids Bedroom Design, for girls kids to teen!

One of the first finds for the room was that great rustic farmhouse light fixture! It looks so great hanging over top of all this doneness. (It’s a word).

The more that gets done around here, the more it’s starting to feel like our home again. Looking forward to some relaxing. Never did make it to that “drink on the deck” part of the to-do list. But — I’ll get there this weekend, I’m sure.

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  1. What a darling room! I love the curtains and the artwork is perfect. Seriously, I have to get some of my own from Minted. The room works so well to grow into.

  2. Yay to fun! I love this room – it is just the perfect kid bedroom! And what room isn’t made better by a little buffalo check! Congrats on bring such beauty into the world!

      1. I am doing a blog article on my favorite ORC rooms, and I really love this bedroom. Could I use one of your photos? If you have a specific one that you prefer, I could use that. If not, I would love to choose one. I intend to publish the article tomorrow. (Thursday)

        Thank you for considering my request.

  3. excuse my french, but damn….this room is gorgeous! no lie. I love it and the cute funky curtains and buffalo print pillows…I should have sewn my pillows…dang it!

  4. The curtains, artwork, and buffalo check flow together so seamlessly. I love the eclectic yet adventurous and fun feel of this room! xx

  5. Oh Jen, I love all the pattern play you added to the room! It’s both young and fun, so perfect to make any kid happy! Love how you incorporated old and new! Congrats and Cheers for another room done!

  6. I love how you mixed and matched color and pattern in this room! And how the art above the bed is not exactly matching each other, well done!

  7. Just plain old beautiful! I love the curtains, it makes the room so warm and vibrant. The art work from minted just has that class factor in them. Fabulous job. Your kids must be so excited. Maria

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