Master Bedroom Design Progress

January 17, 2017

If you haven’t heard, a bunch of bloggy pals and myself are taking part in the New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge (hosted by the lovely Casa Watkins Living). If you were following along last week, you know I’m finishing off my master bedroom! Things have been looking a little dorm-room-ish surrounding the bed area with a big blank wall, mis-matched nightstands, and not a whole lot else going on. So the focus this week was getting started on the most important upgrade to the room. Our DIY wood headboard! She’s not done quite yet, but all the pieces are in place, and I think when we cross the finish line on this one — I’ll be super pleased with myself.

Check out the progress of our DIY wood headboard with stick-on real wood planks from Stikwood!

This is how things have been looking. My trusty green painters tape is helping me mark the edges of my DIY headboard. As you can see, she’ll be a big one! It will be super impactful, and a  gorgeous art piece, in and of itself.

Maybe you remember my mood board from last week? …

Check out the progress of our DIY wood headboard with stick-on real wood planks from Stikwood!

It’s not quite as gorgeous as the handy dandy mood board yet, but we’re getting there! The rug is in, the lamps are working, and we’ve got the new bedding. Now, it’s time to pull things together with the new wood headboard!

Check out the progress of our DIY wood headboard with stick-on real wood planks from Stikwood!

Did I mention it’ll be big? We needed to buy 2 pieces of MDF to achieve the size in my design. This means it’ll also be pretty heavy. So, we’re not taking any chances and we’re actually installing it right to the wall, and bolting it into the wall studs! You can catch a glimpse of the install above. We lifted it away from the walls using 2×2’s as supports — this is also where we’ll attach our finished outer frame. This thing isn’t going anywhere!

Check out the progress of our DIY wood headboard with stick-on real wood planks from Stikwood!

I had to give you a little sneak of the Stikwood plank boards (in Reclaimed Sierra Silver) we’re using to complete the transformation of our wood headboard… but just a teeny tiny look. I know, it’s such a tease, but you’ll see the whole thing next week. I promise. And, I can’t wait to see it too! This week is going to be so fun seeing these Stikwood plank boards come to life!

A big shout out the the “New Year, New Room Refresh Challenge”, sponsors!


Stikwood | World Market | Lamps Plus  | Wallpaper Boulevard
Velvet Finishes | Rugs USA | Walls Need Love

Now be sure to head on over to see what these incredible gals have been up to (with the links below)! I already can’t wait until next week! …


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15 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Design Progress

  1. Rachael @ This is our Bliss

    EEEEK! That was SUCH a tease lol! It’s going to be phenomenal, I know it! I love your direction and that hardware in your moodboard is gorgeous…did you say? are you using them somewhere?! Can’t wait to check out the headboard!

  2. jessica

    This is going to be so good! I feel like we are all still working so hard and have so much more to do. I am in love with those curtains. I kept scrolling back just to look at them! love it!

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