Ok, so it’s not a totally white kitchen. It’s so much better. It has wonderful deep midnight blue lower cabinets, and beautiful texture in the backsplash tiles, a fun thrifted island — and I’m going to share it all. But first, of course, we have to take a peek at the before. I mean, what is a good reveal without the tragic BEFORE PIC.

You've got to see the "after" of this outdated kitchen!! Now it's a bright two-tone cabinet and white kitchen. Modern farmhouse casual!

THIS WAS THE BEFORE. This kitchen did alright, but it wasn’t great on flow, and the storage space was a little awkward. We knew we wanted to change it but it needed to wait until we had our entire renovation vision in place before we made any big moves. (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures). 

You've got to see the "after" of this outdated kitchen!! Now it's a bright two-tone cabinet and white kitchen. Modern farmhouse casual!

First, we knew we wanted to keep the cabinets, but change the colour and the layout. We said goodbye to the peninsula, and removed an entire wall that separated the kitchen from our side entrance door. We wanted to use our side door as our main entrance, but between the kitchen and the adjacent closet, we were left with this teeny tiny, narrow, hallway — which really became a nuisance coming inside with bulky winter gear or groceries.

You've got to see the "after" of this outdated kitchen!! Now it's a bright two-tone cabinet and white kitchen. Modern farmhouse casual!

Generally through our entire home renovation we tried to make our home less like a long bowling alley filled with doors and hallways, and more like a modern open concept home with large great room and a ton more flow. The catch? We did not want to expand the space AT ALL. Keep the same square footage, but get all the openness we could hope for.

Above, you can see the old kitchen and dining room layout. What was once our dining room is now our living room, and after that blue wall on the left got removed, we added a lot more width to the entire space (stolen from the old hallway on the other side). And that led us to this…

A mostly white kitchen, but so much more! Those two-tone painted cabinets are the perfect modern farmhouse look! Rustic metal hanging pendant lights, dark navy kitchen cabinets, chimney hood fan, and new vinyl plank flooring in french oak.

Umm, I think the word is, “BAM!”. Our lovely white kitchen with a twist. Notice how you can see the access to the side door now? We left a partial wall there just to seal in the new Frigidaire fridge (the new glorious family-sized, counter-depth, fridge — yay!).

Perfect white kitchen with two-tone painted cabinets. White hexagon and subway tile, laminate arborite counter-tops, and chimney hood fan!

Oh, and our old kitchen never had a working hood fan. What was there was broken, and it didn’t vent anywhere anyway, so needless to say, cooking could get smelly. But there’s no more nose-holding for us with a freshly installed (and vented) chimney hood fan (similar to this one). We ditched the useless cabinets over the fridge and stove to make more room, and the extra breathing room really adds that dose of freshness the kitchen needed.

Gorgeous hexagon marble backsplash accent over oven with white subway tile surround.

Our backsplash was a DIY special. All the tile came from The Home Depot, and because we did almost everything with affordable subway tile (purchased on sale – yay!) with just that little hit of special hex marble above the stove, the entire thing cost less than 300 beans. If it was all marble (trust me, I priced it out) we would of been looking at closer to 900. A great savings for a really fun detail!

Samsung dual convection oven

And my oven. We actually bought this Samsung Dual Convection Oven over a year ago after the last one tanked out on us. So I’ve been enjoying it for quite some time. But holy moly, it’s a good one. Looooove it! And, those front controls with the chunky knobs are everything. I love having that full height backsplash, it looks so clean!

Perfect white kitchen with two tone painted cabinets in dark midnight blue, chrome and nickel hardware and frigidaire professional, counter depth, fridge. Vinyl plank flooring looks like hardwood!

Here you can spy a little bit of our new expanded entry way beside the fridge. I’m keeping that side of the room under wraps on purpose as it’s not quite ready for the world to see. But we’re getting there! Lots of small details to finish up, but I couldn’t wait to share the kitchen any longer!

Subway tile backsplash with dark grout. Awesome white kitchen with two tone painted cabinets and edison light hanging pendant lighting. Blanco Silgranit sink and Urbena faucet

Speaking of details… I think my sink area is my most favourite part of the white kitchen. Maybe because I feel like I’m constantly standing there washing veggies for snack-time, and scrubbing dishes. But I don’t mind any of it anymore. Not with that view and my new pretty workspace.

DIY soap dispensers with inkjet printed labels.

There’s even an golden-oldie touch or two hanging around. Like these DIY labeled soap dispensers. I think they may have been one of my first DIY projects I ever posted on the blog. Five years later they are still holding strong! (The blog post could use a little work though ;) ).

White kitchen sink and modern single hole faucet. Blanco Silgranit top mount sink. White kitchen with subway tile backsplash.

If there was a jewel of the kitchen it would have to be this Blanco Urbena faucet from Blanco Canada. It is divine! I love myself a single hole faucet. It is soooooo fresh and so clean. And the bottom portion of the faucet is the matching white silgranit material to my sink. The upper portion has the perfect curve, and the hidden pull-out hose is amazing. You’d never know it was there. See that little black button? It slips downward to reveal the hose. It is so modern and pretty. I was so excited to finally install it after looking at it in the box for months!

White kitchen sink and modern single hole faucet. Blanco Silgranit top mount sink. White kitchen with subway tile backsplash.

Not to mention the sink. I really wanted to go white. I was so tired of my scratchy, marked-up old stainless steel one. I fell in love with the line of Silgranit sinks from Blanco Canada. White with a slight grain for that modern farmhouse feel. Clean and streamlined for the compulsive “counter-wiper” in me. And such pretty, price-saving, top-mount options! My morning routine feels so fresh with all this bright and white goodness!

White kitchen sink and modern single hole faucet. Blanco Silgranit top mount sink. White kitchen with subway tile backsplash.

It all goes perfect with our counter-top choice. We went with a laminate product (Arctic Snow by Arborite), but you’d almost never know it wasn’t quartz. The strides they have made with the photographic quality of these products is amazing! I’m so happy with our choice and in a world of everyone going to more expensive hard-surface options, I would highly recommend taking another look at your laminate options!

White kitchen countertops in Arborite, arctic snow.

The white carries up to the subway tile that surrounds the entire kitchen, but I chose to make it pop with a dark “pewter grey” grout — and I’m never looking back! It took a good long while standing in the hardware store trying to make my choice — do I go white? Or do I make the grout lines pop? Popping was the way to go!

White kitchen with white subway tile backsplash and dark grey grout.

And then there are the lower cabinets. This perfect, almost-black blue, is maybe my favourite cabinet colour ever. Paired with some brushed nickel cup hardware, and crystal knobs, it creates the perfect modern farmhouse vibe as soon as you walk in the room.

My cabinet colour choices? Lowers – “Lights Out”, Uppers – “Pearl”, in CIL’s Smart3, Melamine paint line.

Two tone kitchen cabinets in a white kitchen with cupped and crystal door hardware

You can check out my fun decoupage stool project, here!

Cupped satin nickel hardware on dark blue painted kitchen cabinet

I mean look at that paint colour and this cupped hardware together! Totally killer!

Crystal kitchen knob hardware on painted white kitchen cabinets

I went all crystal up top. The morning light hits these knobs and bounces light all over the place. It’s so pretty!

Modern farmhouse white kitchen with two tone painted kitchen cabinets. Gorgeous white sink and single hole faucet, stainless steel appliances.

We picked up this Ikea island on a buy and sell site for less than half the retail cost, and there were two others just like it on there. So it goes to show, check out your local buy and sell sites before dropping cash on the big decor items. We saved $300 in that single move. We actually plan on building something a little bigger in the future, but it’s not in the budget just yet. This island in the future will make an excellent craft and work centre in our office when the time comes.

There you have it. The first look at the kitchen. My dreamy white kitchen is the first major reveal. We kicked down walls, changed layouts, installed all new floor and prettied her all up without ripping out the kitchen, and without an addition on the house. Challenge accepted and won!


A mostly white kitchen, but so much more! Those two-tone painted cabinets are the perfect modern farmhouse look! Rustic metal hanging pendant lights, dark navy kitchen cabinets, chimney hood fan, and new vinyl plank flooring in french oak.

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  1. I found your kitchen photos on Pinterest and i LOVE this vinyl flooring. Can you tell me what brand you did for this !?

  2. Hi, do you know what brand your floors are? I love the color and I’m trying to track down something similar.

  3. Hi!
    I know this is an old post, but just came across your page searching Pinterest. Love love love your kitchen choices. We are about to repaint all main rooms and cabinets in our home. Do you remember what your wall colors are here? Both the kitchen and the entry taupe color.


  4. Hi Jen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen. We are currently in the midst of tearing out kitchen apart. I was so happy to come across your post because I decided I wanted to go with arborite’s arctic snow for a counter top, but really wanted to see some pictures of it in an actual kitchen first. So thank you for sharing – It looks amazing. Can I ask you what finish you used? The countertop store is recommending cashmere but there are several choices such as velvatex, gloss etc.

    Thank you so much!

  5. I know this is an older post, but I was looking at lighter vinyl plank floor, and came upon yours, which looks just like what I have in mind! How have you liked the floors? Do mind sharing the approximate costs? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I absolutely love my floor! The colour first off, goes with everything and doesn’t show dirt — make for easy care. And, the vinyl plank flooring (I think it’s also referred to as resilient flooring), is about as low maintenance as you can get. It doesn’t get marked up like hardwood, doesn’t require maintenance, and should pretty much be a 30 year floor. We went through so much work renovating our home and levelling out sub-floors, I decided my floor would be an investment and something I would likely never have to change again during my lifetime in this home. So I highly recommend. I remember the retail price being approximately $8/sq foot, however because we were doing so much flooring (including carpets in the bedrooms), they worked with us on the price and it ended up being more like $4.50 / sq foot. For a forever floor, it’s worth it. However, of course you need to be comfortable with your own budget. Our 1500 square foot home after installation, ended up being around $7000. Many people have commented to me that they think it looks like real hardwood. It has a bit of texture and grooves worked into the design, so it helps with that “real feel”. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks so much for the reply! Just now seeing it, but very helpful! We have a dealer locally that carries this line, so I’m going to look into it.

      2. Hello! Would you mind telling me what brand your flooring is? I love the white oak! Thank you!

  6. I am completely obsessed with your Kitchen! I have been all over Pinterest and the Web trying to find what I want and yours nails it to a T! How is the paint holding up? I have never heard of this paint and have been searching to find the perfect coverage and durability for a family with 2 teenage boys . Also I have never heard of these colors did you have them colormatched? Sorry for all the questions I am just super excited about finally finding what I want!

    1. The paint is amazing! I painted the cabinets a couple years ago, and we had everything ripped apart last winter for our big reno (I was worried they’d be damaged)… but not a single scuff or scratch and they wipe clean amazingly well. :) As for the colours… yes, I believe I colour-matched from Ben Moore?! Sorry my memory has me pausing a bit on that. I’m so glad you like it! Good luck with your kitchen! :)

  7. I love it, your kitchen is so beautiful! My kitchen renovation is very similar but we did all white cabinets and dark counters. We even have the same hood, it’s so much better than the microwave hood one that never worked. Great job!

  8. Jen this looks AMAZING! Oh my goodness I can’t decide which is my favorite part because it’s all so beautiful! Love the tile, the two-tone cabinets, the island, the lights the sink! Ah! I love it all. What a great makeover! I’m sure you just love hanging out in there now – I don’t think I’d ever leave ;)

    1. Thank you Erica! We had a lot of fun planning this one and day-dreaming every step of the way (through all the dust!) … we are in love. Thanks so much!! :)

  9. I wish I had one of those horns that made that big honking noises in cartoons, haaaaugggaa (sp), wow, I love every detail, clean crisp and so inviting! What a stunning job you guys did and you have my heart with a lam counter tops that looks like quarts. Wowzers!

      1. Hi, I’m looking at getting the same Arborite Artic Snow countertops, and saw they come in 4 different finishes: CA, VL, DI, GL. (CA = cashmere, matte, lightly textured dimples) (VL = velvetex, matte, smooth or polished) (DI = diamond) (GL = gloss, smooth). Do you know or remember which finish you used?
        I am thinking no gloss (was not recommended for kitchens), CA is very matte and dimpled and doesn’t come across like true quartz as much, I was thinking VL or DI. Any feedback helps, Thanks!

        1. Hi Erich! I “think” I went with veletex. But, I do remember getting samples… and then scratching them up and trying to damage them etc to see what would hold up to wear. Gloss was terrible.. even a butter knife would mark it up. My counters are not textured and I love them. I paid a little extra to have the extra deep rounded thickness which adds to them feeling a bit more substantial and at first glance could get away with fooling you that it’s not a slab. Also, no front seams which is a dead giveaway. Hope that helps!!

  10. Jennifer the kitchen is absolutely beautiful. All that hard work must feel worthwhile now! Enjoy!!!

  11. GORGEOUS!!! Love the tile above the stove, but really, the whole thing is gorgeous! Off to check out the paints you used on the cabinets!

    1. Thanks Pam!! Yep, we’re loving that tile — such a great detail. I can’t say enough about that CIL Melamine paint. It has held up great! We actually painted our cabinets last Summer before we ripped out the wall and deleted the peninsula… and there isn’t a scratch on them. I can wash them all I want. Love it! :)

  12. Oh my goooooosh! Jen, it’s incredible!!! Removing that wall made a world of difference and I love, love, love all of the finishings you chose! Absolutely PERFECT!!!

    1. Once we knew we could move our stairs, everything fell into place, and ditching that wall became number 1 for the kitchen! Thanks so so so much Kristi! I’m so happy you love it. ;)

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