Nursery Dresser – Before and After

I’ve mentioned how awesome our neighbours are before… and they’ve come through again. We got this great hand-me-down and I decided to refinish it while I have the time (since everyone keeps telling us we’ll have none when we have a family).

Here’s how she started out:



I wanted to get the top down to the wood. There was a few coats of paint hiding under there. I began attacking it with a paint stripper…. but only got so far.


But, then it was time for the big guns — the belt sander. That got me right down to the wood.



Picked up some new hardware and paint. The paint is a soft celery colour (Behr Premiun Plus 380F-4 Ground Ginger). The stain on the top and front is Minwax Golden Oak.


Those little giraffes had their own mini-makeover as well. Here they are before:


They started out pretty glossy. So, they needed a good sanding before paint. Here is how they turned out after a fresh coat of paint. I used Behr Premium Plus in S-G-360 Bright Star, for a good pop of colour.




Picked up this set of hooks from Ikea ($3.99) for a bit more storage and interest.


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