So last we saw my mid-century beauty, she was looking about like this…

Right. I was feeling pretty good about myself. Oh look at me… those buttons are perfection! Mmm Hmm… then, came the arms. There are two of them, you know. Double trouble.


But once again, it was time to plow ahead. Do what you can, and the rest will follow. This was proving tricky, because I wanted to obviously keep the wooden arm detail, AND the separate upholstered arm cushion, but I was not completely deconstructing the chair. This meant nothing (i.e.: screws and stapes), could be hidden within the wooden construction of the chair. Hmmm…

I needed to get creative about hiding my staples. After removing the old arm pads and wooden pieces, I covered the entire arm with fabric.


And repeated on the other side…


Here is the top view of the arm…


Then I took my fabric, and ironed down a hem, right-side up, and stapled it down the length of the arm (you’ll see what I mean, in two shakes)…


Here you can see the fabric pulled back, viewing the wrong-side of the fabric…


Now, it was ready for the arm padding…


I tucked the fabric, right-side up, over the arm padding, ironed a hem, and stapled along that hem on the other side of the arm pad. I made sure that on both sides, the staples were tucked underneath the arm pad. That way, when completed, the arm pad sat flat, and actually hid all of the staples.


Here is the finished, outer, stapled seam along an arm pad. When you lift up on the arm pad you can see my stapled seam hiding there. Worked like a charm.


That, was by far the trickiest bit of business to take care of with this chair. Next, I pinned the back panel in place and was able to wrap the two side lengths with the recycled metal tack strips.


The tack strips worked like a charm and hammered easily back into place, top to bottom.

The original chair had a paper tack strip along the top. But I opted for decorative upholstery tacks (I already had some on hand from another project), I thought they added a little personality…chair-back-tack-strip

All that was left, was making sure the fabric was pulled straight and taut through to the bottom of the chair frame… and staple the heck out of it!

The wooden pieces were reapplied with an existing double ended screw attached to the frame of the chair, and hidden finishing nails. Done.

And, here she is…


Not bad for my first shot to, reupholster an armchair — I think that will do just fine, ya? Let’s have a little refresher of how she started out…


Yep. It’s a keeper. And, how about a sneak peak of what it will be paired up with in the new nursery?!


Fun right? Pretty gender neutral I think. And I adore anything grey and yellow. I plan on using that Ric Rac Rabbits fabric to make a baby blanket to help pull together the red details — so glad I found those little guys, they are really earning their keep! And you can’t beat a chevron curtain panel… at least, not in my world.


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