SJ-exteriorEdmonton just got a little more stylish. Sweet Jolie has officially opened! If you haven’t taken the “sneak peek tour” when I got to cruise the new boutique as the gang at SJ was getting it ready — make sure to give that a visit. You’ll get close-ups of aaaallll the interior goodies Nicole managed to find. That girl knows her farmhouse/rustic stuff!


^ Remember this place? Already looking super cool… well, she’s stocked!


Can you hear the angels singing?! Laaaaaa! A boho, feminine, every-day girl’s paradise! The big thing I notice about what Nicole chooses to bring into her shop, is the woman-friendliness. No matter your shape, no matter the style-tude (yeah, it’s a word), you’re rocking that day — you’re bound to find something to suit your fancy within these racks.


Summer couldn’t be better with these creations to choose from. Hand me a cold drink and a flowy dress and I’m a happy girl.


Sweet Jolie has also started their SJ Essential line. Basics that literally fits EVERYONE! Soft and comfy goodness. What’s not to love?


Don’t forget all the accessories from top to bottom, including footwear! Yep, they’ve got your tootsies covered too. Not to mention… the space. Can we mention the space again? I mean, get outta here! I think I’ll find many an excuse to wander on by, just to see what else they’ve managed to find. Interior decor lovers be warned — you WILL fall. in. love.

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Sweet Jolie has Officially Opened! Run, don’t walk to your first visit at Sweet Jolie. Don’t forget until the end of tomorrow (July 14th, 2017), you can shop with an exclusive discount! Just plug “freshcrush15” in when you check-out online, or bring in a screen grab of my post, if you’re shopping in person. Enjoy! I know I will.

Happy shopping, friends!

xo. Jen.


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