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Before & After: Master Bedroom

February 5, 2010

We all know its the most neglected room in the house right? Yep, been there, done that. Enough already! Time to get this show on the road!

So we painted it originally with this goldish-green colour. Great colour. But there was no plan and the room ended up being this mish-mash of colours, & objects and randomness and it wasn’t working. So… start again! This time, with a plan. Here’s how it worked out:

This was a budget makeover. The plan was to get the best bang for the buck with mostly paint and fabric.

Easy-peasy to make a few pillows by picking up a nice selection of fabrics and pillow filler. If you can sew a straight line, you can successfully make beautiful pillows on a budget!

The entire mood is different. Calm and relaxed come to mind. Not bad for a bedroom.

Easiest. Headboard. Ever. — MDF, foam, cotton baton, creamy vinyl, staple it all together, and mount it, you’re done.

I thought I might have a little more trouble with this window seat. But it turned out to be pretty easy! Buy yourself a piece of good quality foam (mine was 2″), add a layer of cotton baton for some extra softness and to dull the sharp edges of the foam. Then, I sewed the fabric cover by basically creating a fabric tube. One straight seam right down the middle (on the underside of the cushion). Work the cushion fill through your “tube” by snaking it aaaall the way through. Sew up each end nice and pretty, and it’s done!

Oscar is quite happy with his new favourite spot.

Before & After: Buffet Cabinet

Ooooh this is an oldie, but we turned her into a goodie. This little gem was hiding under my stairs, possibly ashamed of its paint job from days gone past… but we turned that around! New paint, hardware, glass inserts, added moulding and lots (LOTS) of elbow grease, has her standing proud, front and centre, where she should be… the dining room! Once again a lovely buffet cabinet.





Love this idea. It added just enough detail for the finished product. Few simple cuts with a Mitre box and saw, Brad nails, & wood filler. Place the moulding on the drawer in the arrangement and placement you desire, hold in place with a little wood glue. Pop in a couple Brad nails (don’t forget to countersink your nails), fill up your joints and nailheads with wood filler, then sand it down so its smooth and ready for primer and paint. Pop the drawers back in, and you’re done!



Easier than you think to add glass to a piece. My local glass shop was able to cut the pieces and install them for me for approx. $40. Not too shabby. Not to mention they had plenty of styles to choose from!



I thought it would be fun to add a second colour of paint to the drawer slides and the interior shelving. The soft yellow here works really well with the cottage cream colour of the cabinet. Not too much contrast, but a little surprise and fun nonetheless.