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The Nursery Details

April 9, 2015

So I revealed my happy little “woodland creatures, modern nursery“, this week! Did you see it? We’ve been enjoying it around here, but there were a few of the nursery details, that I couldn’t get to the first time around… like this light. It started out as a dreaded “boob” light. Urgh. Then, got a little upgrade with this drum shade. That, was pretty good…

Modern gender-neutral nursery with black, white, and pops of color.

But, then, once I started working on the nursery and noticed I was going in the high-contrast direction, with hits of black… I thought… that chrome finish, just won’t do. So another update it is!

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Master Bedroom Makeover and Tour

October 13, 2014

So guys! I totally forgot about can’t wait to show you our finished bedroom makeover tour! Remember these fun ditties? Ceiling Fan – Drum Shade Makeover, the DIY Improve Your Art post, the Never-ending Shelving Build, our old friend PAX, and that Gem of a Find at the good ol’ Restore??

Well! Let’s take a step back and see how it actually all came together, shall we?

bedroom makeover

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More Chevron, Please!

May 17, 2013

Yep, it’s official. I have a problem. A problem turning down the zig-zaggy goodness of a chevron stripe. Proven here, and here.

I also love when the Kiddo’s toys are organized. So, I was so happy when I found these storage cubes to help us do a little more stashing and hiding under the TV, but… you’re going down, plain, green, boxes.

storage bins

When I found these boxes, I said, “Yay, they’re the right size!”
And, then I said, ” Boo… too bad they’re green.”

Time to get around to fixing that.

painted plastic storage boxes

First, I prepped with a nice bright yellow (perfect for the living room). I used Krylon Fusion, and as promised, it worked great on plastic.

Painted plastic storage boxes

Then, the fun part. Planning the chevron pattern. My first shot at it was freehand. So was shot #2, it was not working… Because of the uneven front surface, it ended up looking wonky. I needed to get a chevron “peak” in the centre.

Painted plastic storage boxes


Painted plastic storage boxes

Now, it’s finally getting there. The trick was to decide where I wanted the peaks placed, and work out from there. I began in the bottom left corner and worked up.

Painted plastic storage boxes

Once I figured the first row out, it went fairly easily from here. It should end up looking a little like a pie crust. Then I took an exact-o knife to exclude the unwanted pieces of tape.

Painted plastic storage boxes

Painted plastic storage boxes

The pattern starts to emerge! This is the second-most-fun part.

Now, it’s time for paint job #2. A simple greige colour, until the exterior has noooo mooooore greeeeen!

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes

Now, to wait for it all to dry (that was the hardest part), but before long it’s time to peel your tape people. THIS IS THE MOST-FUN-PART! Yipee!

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes

The Kiddo looked a little confused as I exclaimed “Weeee!” when the tape was completely removed. I usually reserve my “Wee’s” when twirling in circles with the Kiddo, or driving over a bumpy road with her — which most times gets a pretty big smile out of her. But, you understand where I’m coming from, don’t you?

Time to slip back into your cubbies my pretties…

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes

All ready to hide the Kiddo’s toys. Pretty and organized, what’s not to love?

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes

Paint is a wonderful thing. Can’t find exactly what you need? Customize it until you get it! In one afternoon, we got from function to beauty AND purpose.

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes

Chevron Painted plastic storage boxes


Kitchen Desk Clean-Up and Inspiration!

February 20, 2013

Finally cleaned up the desk in our dining room… ahhhhhh…


It started out something like this (this, would be the “Keeping it Real” part of the post) …


OY! This was the dumping ground for all the things we’ve been needing, and using the first couple weeks in the new digs. And, all the things we had no idea what to do with yet. But, the fog is clearing, so I was ready to tackle this little corner.

This meant I needed to find a home for all of this:


and this:


Dang! At first I thought it would take forever. But, I made a little plan, got it down on paper, and it ended up making a lot of sense.


After about an hour and a half, it was looking pretty good.


There was even time to add a bit of paper to the backs of the open shelving. Measure twice, cut once people! (Remember the Ribba).


This got me inspired. Now that everything was cleared up and looking tidy, I thought, this wall would actually be a pretty great spot for a paint stencil or wallpaper.

Plus, for the last few days, I’ve been pretty convinced I would like to go glossy black for these cabinets. It would help break up the connection to the kitchen cabinets across the room.

So I played around a little bit and (forgive my quick photoshopping), came up with this…


Never mind the ghost chair. But you get the idea, ya?

I also LOVE the combination of yellow and grey. Remember this? And, this?

So I started collecting a few wallpaper ideas. Graphic and modern? Soft and a little traditional? Geometric and a bit retro? Hmmm… this could be fun!


Interested in any of these papers? Here’s the links:

WoodsBerry FlowerPeonyHexagon


Before and After: Slip Cover

July 30, 2010

With a floorplan like this, you can’t re-vamp one area without it spilling out into the rest of the room.

In the on-going attempts to get the home gym in order, this sofa is the first “victim” to conform to the new plan. Sorry little guy, colour palette is changing… time to get with the times. Here is the before:

I found a handy Mainstays slip cover for my base, at a good price at Wal-Mart:

All the sofa cushions were covered in fabric found at Fabricland. The floral pattern is a Liz Claiborne fabric, the same one used for the home gym storage bench. The neutral fabric is a simple linen.

I made an envelope style slip cover for each cushion. It makes them easy to care for, and if the cushions last longer than the couch itself, I can easily remove them to reuse elsewhere, maybe with a button enclosure.

I started by cutting my front piece to size, budgeting for seam allowance.

Then measuring my two back pieces. I chose to do about 2/3 to 1/3 proportion for the 2 pieces, (it makes it easier to stuff with a large cushion), making sure to leave enough fabric for a hem and to overlap each other.

I first hemmed my two back pieces where the slip cover opening will be. Then positioned them on top of the front piece, right side to right side. Now all that’s left is to attach all 3 pieces together by sewing around all 4 outer edges of the cushion slip cover. Here it is with the edges sewn:

Flip it right side out, and it should look something like this:

Pop your cushion inside:

And, Ta-Da!! From the front, you’ll never know there is a slit opening in the back!

Now, (in my case), only 5 more cushions to go… Here’s how it all came out:

See the beginnings of the home gym hiding back there? Can’t wait to throw up some paint! Stay tuned for more progress!!

Share your own projects by emailing a few low-res images here!

Home Gym: Paintchips and Fabric!

July 28, 2010

Choices! Choices! Choices! Yes, once again the home gym is on my mind. So, the dividers are up, and the fabric choices have been made. So what is the right direction with paint? I spent some time staring at these options for a while, trying to figure out just that…

Phew! I think I’ve got it narrowed down a little bit. Exactly where and how I want to use the paint is up in the air, but this should be fun!

In the meantime, let’s ditch some of that “movie room” vibe outta my home gym! Bye-bye media shelving… and bye-bye movie screen…

Time to fill nail holes and prepare for paint!! Lighten and brighten will be the name of the game!

Share lo-res pics of your own projects here! I’d love to share with the rest of the class 😉

Our Garden: Nature’s Before and After

July 21, 2010

After the snow disappeared in Spring, and the grass wasn’t quite green yet, I had to wonder, will the garden actually come back to life? Because, it sure doesn’t look like much right now. Hmmm…

Well, behold the power of nature! Bigger and better than last year, and going strong!

Let this be proof to all of you out there that are intimidated by a garden. Because believe me, if I can help make this happen, so can you! Last time I looked, my green thumb was black. So get out there! Get your hands on some perennials and watch your little piece of paradise improve and grow and flourish a little more each year. What a great place to wander around with my morning coffee. A great way to start the day!

Have any gardening tips? Great photos? Share with us all here or post photos of your impressive gardening feats on our facebook page!