Ooooooooh, we are making some progress around here! Remember this little adventure we started last year? Well, it’s baaaack!

Vintage camp trailer with chevron paint

You would not believe how far the interior has come in the last few weeks. But, more on that another day.

Last Summer we took a road trip out to an RV parts retailer. They had everything you could imagine out there including refurbished parts and old cushion interiors. We picked up two sets of at least 5 inch foam cushion seating for under $300. Foam itself is ridiculously expensive so that was a major score. However, it could not stay with its original fabric. It was gross, stained, and on one set you could tell the original owners were smokers — less than ideal.

But we were lucky enough that all the pieces we bought were a perfect fit for our new (ancient) trailer! Here is a couple of the originals in place:

Vintage camp trailer with chevron paint

And after one looong day of sewing (the Kiddo had a sleep-over at Grandma’s house, and I think I hit the sack around 2 am that day), I had all of these beauties!

Vintage camp trailer with chevron paint

We snagged a 50% off deal at Fabricland (from Mill Creek Fabrics) and, when you’re buying 12 metres, you want a deal.

So, about 120 beans later, we had brand new seating to enjoy this Summer while camping — and the first camping trip is booked, so the pressure is on… wish us luck!



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