My Word for the New Year

2014, especially the latter half, was a year of self discovery. I set some pretty major goals for myself in my personal and professional life. And, in a word? It was wonderful. But, I think the most important lesson I am carrying forward into the new year, is kindness. Which brings me to my word. Kind.

Kindess was something I found easy to express, outwardly. I can be your cheerleader, your supporter, and I find great value in supporting others goals — It lifts me up to see my loved ones succeed. However, I’ve realized I’ve had some trouble turning kindness towards myself.


I believe that if being kind, does not translate to how you treat yourself, your true potential might never be reached. This, in turn, affects all those around you. To forgive, and love, and speak softly to your own mind, is to truly be kind, and to genuinely be kind, to others.

So, my practice this year, is to be kind. In all ways. To all people, including myself. When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.

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