The main bath in our new-ish digs, is a sad little thing. Old tub surround, peeling paint, cloudy mirror, and a not-so-nice light fixture. The list is long. But at least now I finally have a bit of direction.

I was browsing through Bed, Bath and Beyond, and spotted this pretty thing. The most cheery, kick-starter to a morning, shower curtain, I’ve ever seen.


You’ll notice I was so anxious to get it up that I didn’t, and clearly should have, ironed the poor thing first.


And theeeeeen, I remembered I already had my hands on this adorable little guy, from my first (and only) trip to NYC, to the Jonathan Adler store. That was a fun trip.ja-soappump

After the addition of the most perfect little white, ball-shaped, curtain hooks, things were feeling inspired…


There is still so much to do, but at least I have a direction to go. A few more updates, a couple repairs, paint, and elbow grease, and we’ll have this main bath whipped into shape — ready to tackle toddler mornings, guests, and everything in between. Yay! Cute right?



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