I found this little gem for $9 at the last yard sale I attended. Probably the last one of the year (sad face, single tear). Solid wood and sturdy. Really, I couldn’t leave it behind.

vintage wood nightstand

But, it’s definitely “of an era”. Rocking a seventies vibe. And, as I planned immediately to use it as the Kiddo’s night stand, it needs a little freshening up.

sanded wood nightstand

I love natural wood. And, mixing natural wood and solid paint in a two-tone palette just makes me so darn happy. So, it’s off to the sander for me (aka “my happy place”).

No big surprises, except I had to sand a little deeper than planned as some little rascal from its past appeared to of attacked it with a blue ball point pen, once upon a time.

sanded wood nightstand

Next a nice sealing protective coat of Varathane on the exposed wood. It’s like giving the old night stand a nice warm hug.


Next up, the paint. I LOVED this stage. It just all comes together. It was so nice and crisp and just made me appreciate the natural wood that much more.

painted wood nightstand

Here is a little tip: The shelf was not removable, so to paint around it with a standard brush was a little challenging. The end of the brush handle kept knocking into the sides and shelf. So, I cut the handle down to size to allow me to have a smooth side-to-side brushstroke. So. Much. Better. See? Hacksaw to the rescue.


I was impatient waiting for this guy to dry. But the its best to give the Varathane a couple days before light use. So, I waited. And, then the fun part! Lugging it up to Kiddos’s room. Oh, it just looks so dang cute!

two tone wood and paint nightstand

Isn’t the white and wood mix so fresh!? No more 70s.

two tone painted wood nightstand

And, fits right into the Kiddos’s toddler chic eclectic room, ya? But most important, she likes it. And loves having her little owl nightlight a little closer for when shes snuggling down at night. Cuuuute.

nightstand and owl

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