And, so it begins again. After a long hiatus, it’s time to get down to the biz. This requires some focus, and new focus brings a new space. A quiet little space tucked away, a little escape from the chaos upstairs.

I was inspired to have a large clean workspace. Enter Ikea. A large, real wood desk surface, with lovely trestle legs, in grey.

But how do I make it work? We’ve got quite the awkward fireplace placement. Oh, a corner fire place SOUNDS like a great idea until it comes time to add furniture to the room. Welp, I’ve decided not to fight it, and not to get hung up on the symmetry in the space.

Under the window was not going to work. It made the whole room unusable for anything other than office work. We still had to LIVE down here. It’s still a place to gather and for Olivia to play. This was about the fourth desk arrangement, ignore the scattering of furniture… nothing to see here…

Once I stopped letting that fireplace boss me around, the desk fell right into place. Ahhh, plus during these winter months, I am going to enjoy throwing a log on the fire and settling in for a long winter’s nap — er, blogging.

Happy to be back. Now, let’s get to it! Speaking of which… that desk needs some stain…


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