Cel-e-brate good times, c’mon! Yes, today is good. It’s a bathroom makeover y’all! OH! I wanted to change this bathroom (aka: our main bathroom, aka: our only shower bathroom, aka: the guest bathroom) from the day we moved in.

Want to see it? Ok, here’s a taste…

bathroom before and after

But wait! Lets start at the beginning…

bathroom before

It was functioning, just showing some age. The mirror was worn and showing black spots, the light fixture never really worked properly, and the vanity had a bleach stain. The cabinet was in good shape but a little straw yellow for my taste.


The flooring was peeling under the cabinet and wasn’t our favourite. Does it look familiar? The TP holder wasn’t the most functional (especially for a freshly potty trained toddler), and the baseboards and mouldings could use a little beefing up while we’re at it.

The wall colour was a little pink and dingy. But nothing came close to the tub & shower surround. Water stained (with well-water to boot), it was short, & framed out with wood (not super practical), generally cheap looking, and time to go.


So, I genuinely thought I would need to save for a long time to get the bathroom I really wanted. But I also knew, I couldn’t wait that long. So a new tub surround it would be for me. And, tub surrounds are kind of awesome these days! I went with a company called Bath Solutions. Locally owned in our city too, which was nice. Affordable and fast!

Err… when I say fast, I mean fast! Like you greet them in the morning, and they’re gone by supper time. Wooooot!

I was actually a little unprepared for it. I barely squeezed in a couple “before” shots, and things were already getting ripped out. But I didn’t mind… like, at all. I’ve been waiting for this old tub surround to get gone, for a long time …


Mmmm… Buh-Bye water stains…

So, next up… the vanity! We totally scored a deal with a new vanity top. An amazing $170 (on sale!) for a solid surface top with integrated sink from Lowe’s. Simple. White. Easy to clean… perfect.


I gave the cabinet a sanding. removed all the doors and hardware, and spent 3 days applying a coat of primer and THREE coats of midnight blue paint… I’ll show you how that turned out in two shakes…


We also replaced floors. With Allure’s vinyl plank flooring in a light cork. Clean and simple and neutral. Here is the first row going in…


And, BOOM! There is the shower, or… was the shower. And yes, it felt that fast with Bath Solutions. And at this point, you may find yourself thinking “are you sure you’ll be done today?” … And, yes they will.


Because then suddenly, it looked like this…


And, before you knew it… this. Watching that first panel of faux subway tile go up, was pretty exciting.

faux subway tile

In one day. It went from hate it, to love it! Um, like Oprah “loooooooooooove iiiiiiiiit!!” You know how the old school surrounds were always kinda… beige? This is white. Truly white and bright and clean. And FULL HEIGHT people!

subway tile tub surround


The best. I have wandered into the bathroom and flicked on the light… just to look. Just enjoy that it’s there. Sure beats keeping the bathroom door closed.

Paint colour was pretty important for us too. I found the perfect soft white, Martha Stewart’s “Popcorn” – MSL254. And accented it with “Wrought Iron” – MSL168, on the cabinet, which matched the dark blue in the shower curtain.

The cork flooring was the perfect neutral backdrop.


Bada bing bada boom, we pull the colours from that gorgeous Kate Spade Shower Curtain, add a couple pink accents, found some midnight blue hand towels. And that trusty Jonathan Adler soap pump we found years ago in NYC, fits in perfect.

bathroom vanity after

Good ol’ Superstore comes through with that HUGE mirror for a whopping $39. And we finally get some bright light shining with a simple 3-bulb light from Lowe’s.

circular bathroom mirror

Yep, people, it’s fantastic. It went from such a headache to so pretty, and more importantly, everything is easy. Just wipes up. So simple. Everything in life should be this good.

And… Kiddo Approved! Making faces, and adding the maximum amount of barrettes…


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  1. that looks totally awesome! we bought a house last Christmas, and our guest bathroom needs a makeover (whole house needs it, but the shower/tub in that bathroom is NOT functional so it has priority).

    1. Great Kathy! I actually used a 1-day installation company (Bath Solutions [.ca]), and they came in, cut it to an exact fit, and installed it on the spot! Hope that helps!

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