So guys! I totally forgot about can’t wait to show you our finished bedroom makeover tour!¬†Remember these fun ditties? Ceiling Fan – Drum Shade Makeover, the DIY Improve Your Art post, the Never-ending Shelving Build, our old friend PAX, and that Gem of a Find at the good ol’ Restore??

Well! Let’s take a step back and see how it actually all came together, shall we?

bedroom makeover

Looks pretty comfy right? And, there’s our almost free ceiling fan upgrade, and our improved chevron artwork. A trip to Homesense handled most of our bedding (there’s that coral again!)…

white and coral bedroom

A few clicks around Society6 scored me the triangular patterned shams. They were perfect! Coral, yellow and black… love ’em!


And, yes, ANOTHER gallery wall. I have issues, I know. I just can’t get enough!


ikea lighting

Paired up with our gallery wall, is one of my favourite light purchases I’ve made in a while. The Ranarp from Ikea. $20, people! That is a deal, for something so pretty!

mid century dresser

And, there is my mid-century beauty. What a score from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Just a few scratches, which were easily fixed up. So happy I walked into the store that day, because this would not of lasted long! Love it when that happens!


To the left! To the left! A bunch of pretty things, on the shelves to the left! (This has been your Tuesday morning Beyonc√© reference. You’re welcome). The shelf arrangement always seems to be a work in progress. But — for now, it’s working.



Loving the coral, black and yellow combo with a few hits of aqua, here and there… against the freshness of the white walls, it’s the perfect mix of calm and bright.


I recently did a little nightstand switcher-oo, with my old teal filing cabinet. I kinda like it. So, I think it might stay a while. More colour!


And, here is what’s left. Our 2 piece washroom is behind the door to the left. We have plans. Pretty big makeover plans. It involves adding a shower in there by stealing space from what was the old closet (see it there in the middle?). So, when the changes get a-happenin’, I’ll be sure to let you know. I have a feeling the bedroom will seem less calm for that… so I’ll enjoy it in the meantime.

What do you think!? Feel free to leave a comment… maybe it’s time for a nap…

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