It’s been a blast from the past for me this week. This antique vanity used to be in my room as a kid, and once I moved out on my own, it went into storage. Well, it’s time has come to join the world again and get the attention it deserves!


Of course, it needed a little TLC. This was originally part of my grandparents bedroom set, given to them as a wedding gift in 1940. This vanity has seen some action over the years, and it shows. The semi-solid dark red stain was so marked up, it had me questioning what I was going to find underneath!


I used a belt sander for a quick couple of passes, and then finished up with a small hand-held sander (Black and Decker mouse). And, much to my enjoyment, found a beautiful wood grain underneath.



After sanding down the drawer fronts, I decided the best fit would be the existing hardware. You just can’t find them like this anymore. Considering the age, I feel so fortunate that they are intact with no chips or cracks.


Each handle has two pieces. A faux marbleized plastic topper with a brass-like metal pull.


The drawers have really come to life after a little clear Varathayne stain.


And, after all the sanding, cleaning, staining and sealing…


The matching stool needed a little update as well. This before is very… well, boring.


A fantastic addtion to our bedroom. And the new fabric on the stool matches the window seat cushion, for a special little touch. It fits right in! Couldn’t be happier to finally give this family heirloom a little attention, and bring a bit of history home.



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