Remember this little guy? Well, he’s found his home.


Here was the mantel shortly after we finished it. This was alright. Pretty simple, but not really doing it for me. Time to get a more layered eclectic look. So…


Ta-da! See the little greyhound working hard holding up our family albums and books? Going up the wall has given us the opportunity to include some family photos, and the framed sculpted paper art, makes it a little more special.


The vase, “E”, and floral tea light holder were already there, the books migrated to the mantel, and some natural branches add an organic touch. Let’s take a step back and enjoy shall we?


The 12″ depth of the mantel leaves it open for a few different options.


So there you have it. A very simple before and after fireplace vignette. Hang a couple of photos, add a few books, but a very different look no?

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