I love organization, and I hate clutter. Clutter like keys, mail, mitts and change. The problem with a foyer with stairs is everything piles up on the stairs. Like a convenient little shelf. Well, there will be no more of that. My sad little cabinet got a new fresh paint job in Pale Lichen, PPL-79, from Behr. And, with the size of the job, I was able to do it all from a $5 tester jar from Home Depot.

The addition of the Jetmax Storage Cube allows me to sort our keys and belongings, while a couple of steel bins from Ikea (which I already had laying around the house) help to keep the mail under control.

A new drawer knob from Anthropologie adds the finishing touch.

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  1. I love it too! I have something similar, but like Elaine, my husband just sits the stuff on top of it!!
    Did you consider painting the cubes in the same Behr colour as to make it look like one solid piece?

    1. I hear ya… luckily my husband responds well to open storage and labels! I sure did consider painting it all one colour. A couple things stopped me… 1. The cubes are a laminate surface and I didn’t want to worry about adhesion. 2. The slightly contrasting colour gives the whole piece a bit more of a salvaged/vintage look. The hardware on the cubes and the new Anthropologie drawer pull help with that as well. Thanks for checking in!

  2. love it. however, do you have any paint that makes husbands organized? Mine would still just put the keys and mail on TOP of all this nice storage. Which I would discover after tripping over his un-stored shoes … ha.

    I’m with you – LOVE organization – HATE clutter. oy.

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