There has been a lot of rain in our neck of the woods this summer. It’s wonderful for keeping everything nice and green, and the air fresh. We’ve taken the opportunity of harnessing some of that fresh water with a couple of rain barrels. A free resource, rain barrel water is wonderful for the environment, and your summer water bill too!

This project was aaaaaalll Steven (the hubby). But don’t think this job is all utilitarian… Steven let his creative side shine with this project, and you can too! He was kind enough to snap photos of all his steps along the way… maybe you’ll find a little inspiration to get your own rain barrel going at home!

First step, find a Barrel! We got our hands on an empty barrel, previously used for bulk, non-toxic, RV anti-freeze.

Next, map out your cuts to contain your eavestrough, drain and spout. Steven wrapped the drain and spout with a plumber’s tape which acts like a silicon seal, when screwed into position.

Here is the drain in place. Steven positioned the drain on the bottom, back-side of the barrel, out of sight.

Next, prepare the spot for your rain barrel. We had to remove a little grass to level the ground, and then Steven built a platform with spare lumber for the barrel to sit on.

Now for the fun part. Steven wanted a two-tone design, so he began by sanding, and then painting the first colour on the barrel with a paint designed for plastic.

Let the paint dry throughly, and then map out your design. Be creative! Anything is possible at this stage. Steven used green painter’s tape to customize his design.

And then refined his design with a exacto-knife…

Now, to add the second paint colour over top of the stencil.

Peel off the stencil…

Position the barrel on the stand, insert the eavestrough, and take a moment to step back and enjoy your hard work!

Pretty cute right?

Do you have a project you’re proud of? Email some (under 500kb each) images here!

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      1. Thank you, and please check in at any time. Any feedback from you would be greatly appreciated. Hands down, you must be the queen of thriftiness and DIY.

        You will be seeing me around more often. I have a lot of reading to do here :).

    1. Hi Eric, I would talk to an RV or Marine dealer (anyone who would use bulk RV antifreeze)… we managed to score ours from a Marine dealer. They often have no use for them once they’re used up, and may be willing to give them away. Hope that helps! Happy searching!

  1. Very cute! We did the same thing last year.. started with one, and now we have four! At least we’re not going through a drought like we did last year!

  2. What an artist! That’s so much nicer than the blue barrel. We’re currently still renting, but both the husband and I are looking forward to making a rain barrel when the right property comes along. Good work!

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