With a floorplan like this, you can’t re-vamp one area without it spilling out into the rest of the room.

In the on-going attempts to get the home gym in order, this sofa is the first “victim” to conform to the new plan. Sorry little guy, colour palette is changing… time to get with the times. Here is the before:

I found a handy Mainstays slip cover for my base, at a good price at Wal-Mart:

All the sofa cushions were covered in fabric found at Fabricland. The floral pattern is a Liz Claiborne fabric, the same one used for the home gym storage bench. The neutral fabric is a simple linen.

I made an envelope style slip cover for each cushion. It makes them easy to care for, and if the cushions last longer than the couch itself, I can easily remove them to reuse elsewhere, maybe with a button enclosure.

I started by cutting my front piece to size, budgeting for seam allowance.

Then measuring my two back pieces. I chose to do about 2/3 to 1/3 proportion for the 2 pieces, (it makes it easier to stuff with a large cushion), making sure to leave enough fabric for a hem and to overlap each other.

I first hemmed my two back pieces where the slip cover opening will be. Then positioned them on top of the front piece, right side to right side. Now all that’s left is to attach all 3 pieces together by sewing around all 4 outer edges of the cushion slip cover. Here it is with the edges sewn:

Flip it right side out, and it should look something like this:

Pop your cushion inside:

And, Ta-Da!! From the front, you’ll never know there is a slit opening in the back!

Now, (in my case), only 5 more cushions to go… Here’s how it all came out:

See the beginnings of the home gym hiding back there? Can’t wait to throw up some paint! Stay tuned for more progress!!

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