Ok, folks… Blogger – A Day in the Life. A typical day with me, is anything but. There are a few main facets of my life that affect my day in different ways, depending on the day. I’m a Mom, a wife, a graphic designer, AND a blogger. Phew! Sometimes it’s a lot. Sometimes, it’s the best. Mostly, it’s the best. I do feel so fortunate to be able to attack my day with a completely different approach, each time.

A day in the life of a Blogger? Well, that often begins with that blinking cursor, on the screen. What to write… what to write…  I close the laptop, and move to paper. Brainstorm ideas. All of them. Whatever pops into my brain for, mmm, maybe 10 minutes. It gets the kinks out. Proves to myself that, “Oh ya, I have lots of ideas, up in that head of mine. It’ll be ok”.

When it’s a blog day (aka “The days my Kiddo is in school”), it’s produce, produce, produce. Sometimes, I’m writing a post on yesterdays DIY, while waiting for the paint to dry on today’s project. Then, social media… remind myself to eat… & watch the clock (gotta pick up the Kiddo).

Household chores, on blog days, take the back seat, for sure. Dishes sit out on the counter until after supper. There is usually some kind of art explosion on the kitchen table. My watercolours, or the Kiddo’s drawings, or both. As I sit and write this, there are little triangular bits of paper all over the carpet from when the Kiddo and I were making “people chains”. Remember those? If you haven’t made one in a while, you should. It will keep you young.

Thinking about Blogging? Check out how 5 popular bloggers, spend their days, working around jobs, family and responsibilities. Blogger - A Day in the Life


I like treating myself to a “fancy” (aka Starbucks) coffee, about once a week. There is something about that ritual of driving into town, filling my cup, and sipping on it on the way home, listening to the radio. I find the morning radio comforting, like, “oh look, there are all these people going about their lives — it’s all good… no pressure… little person, in a big world”. It takes me out of my bubble. I think this officially makes me old, because I distinctly remember being a tween, and hating that morning talk radio… boring! Hahaha…

If I’m being good to myself, I’ll force myself to take a break, and go for a walk. If I’m being really good to myself, I’ll go for a run. Truth be told, there are days though, that I barely hit one third of my steps for a day. (Yes, I keep a pedometer app on my phone). But, that’s blogging. A lot of time on the old laptop. But the laptop time, fuels the DIY time… and that makes me happy. Shop time is the best. If you have some old lumber and a handsaw in your garage… just go down there and saw that board in half. Trust me. There is something mesmerizing about using tools. This too, takes you out of your bubble.

There are quite a few late nights. Tonight is one of them. Night-time is currently in the double digits, and I still have some graphic design work to do, before I hit the sack. We’ve got a 9am swim class to get to tomorrow… so it’s best to get it off my plate now. I can usually sneak in a little work around the Kiddo (cartoons are great for this). And, she loves to help me out with my photography sessions. How many kids know how to set up a tripod?

So y’know. Get the Kiddo out the door… then, laptop, tools, photography and paint. A little design work. Kid time, maybe an art explosion, supper, get the Kiddo to bed, and write the blog. I have a feeling a lot of my bloggy friends have similar days. We do this, not because it’s an easy choice, but because we love it. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I certainly wouldn’t. When you find what fills you up, you gotta go after it. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Are you still with me? We made it! I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you. The readers. Because, without you… what the heck am I doing this for, right? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate you more than you know!

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Thinking about Blogging? Check out how 5 popular bloggers, spend their days, working around jobs, family and responsibilities. Blogger - A Day in the Life

6 Responses

  1. Jen I love your typical day and I’m so glad you treat yourself to a cup of coffee from Starbucks. I really should do that more often for myself but the thought of getting my daughter all ready and get in the car doesn’t make it too relaxing to me! Haha Your daughter is beautiful and I love all of the fun crafts and art projects you do with her! She is lucky to have such a great Mom who is artistic and shares that art with her!

    1. Aww thanks Ruthie! I remember those days where going in the car was too much trouble for such little trips! Haha… thank goodness for Kindergarten ;) I love that SHE loves making art with me. If she wanted to bounce a basketball all day… we’d be in trouble. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Girl, I hear you on late nights. When my kids are on break from school I am usually up all night long then I try to start the next day early so I try to get up at 6am…by the time week 3 hits, I am a walking zombie with a messy house. They have school breaks frequently. I loved reading this and I am glad I can find someone to relate to.

    1. Jess! Yes! I’m always a little worried when I’m going to bed in the am, and I know my munchkin will be up in 5 or 6 hours. Urgh. I keep saying I need a 30 hour day. Yep, so fun to connect with bloggers who “get it”. Thanks so much!

  3. Jen you just made me so anxious reading this! lol. It’s like my life through your eyes. Haha. I feel you on the dishes. As a matter of fact, I had dishes in my sink and a slew of paw patrol stickers scattered all over the floor and carpet as I wrote my post. I’m usually up until 2-3am for blog time. I am a night owl so it doesn’t hurt too much. The problem lies when kids get up at 7am!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Right?! I. find. stickers. every. where. … always. On blog days you gotta ignore the mess, and just push forward! Hahaha… thanks so much! Loved reading your post.

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