If you’ve ever wondered about your favourite bloggers, like, what happens behind the scenes, or, what’s spinning around in our little noggins, you’re in the right place. If you ever considered starting a blog… also, right place. The “Behind the Blogger” ladies are at it again with this instalment of “Behind the Blogger – What I’ve learned”.

Learn about what happens behind the scenes with real home decor bloggers. This week, "What I've Learned"

This is what I love to do, and I want nothing more, than to keep doing it…

I’m going to go out on a limb and declare… if this isn’t how you feel about your job, you should think about what needs to happen to MAKE you feel this way. Whether it’s a job change, a promotion, a schedule change, location, whatever. I know I’m on the right path for two reasons. I honestly can’t remember the last time I woke up in the morning with that “I don’t wanna” feeling. And, I’m never bored. Never. I don’t remember the last time I uttered those words. Not because I’m a workaholic maniac, but because whenever I have any time, I know exactly what to fill it with. My life is very full.

Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan, in 5 minutes!

To roll with the punches, and ignore the haters…

Holy moly. If you had told me my little adventure into adding a drum shade to my ceiling fan would ignite such a firestorm of opinion, I wouldn’t of believed you. But I’m grateful for it. Yes, I said grateful. Now, this is not to say when I get a one word comment of “ugly”, or a two-word zinger like, “hate it”, it doesn’t sting a little. But just a little, and just for a moment. These are the moments that remind me that everyone is on their own journey, and some of those journeys are down-right hard. These are the moments that remind me to be kind to others, and have compassion, because you never know what is going on behind their eyes (or laptop keyboards).

There are some amazing people out there…

I mean, we all know this. You’re likely to have at least one person in your life that you would hands-down describe as, amazing. They are like super-beings. Always helpful, always funny, and just what you need, in that moment you need them. Welp, become a blogger, and you’ll have that feeling everyday, all day long.

First off, the Readers. Wow. They keep coming back and they keep churning out the love. I’m not sure if I can express to them, (to you), how much you are appreciated. But know it. Because it’s true.

Bloggers. What can I say about bloggers? Since immersing myself in this little world, I have yet to come across a single bad apple. The networking, and the blogging groups, and the connections are endless. I feel I personally know hundreds of bloggers… all incredible people. Everyone has a helpful attitude, we all believe there is room for everybody, and we all just want to do what we love, while pumping out some great content. And… help each other do it. Isn’t that the most refreshing thing ever? Zero competition.

I need a game plan…

Everything I’ve talked about is great but, I can’t pay the bills with the love of the game, and a healthy attitude. Posts take time. Serious time. Bloggers are a committed bunch. I could easily fill a 12 hour day with this gig, but I’m also a Mom. That means a lot of late nights, and the two days per week that the Kiddo’s in school, are jam-packed. And, I love it all. But I’ve also learned to not devalue my creativity.

It’s clear to me, you should spend your life doing what you are best at. That is… when you’ve figured out what it is you have to offer, and enjoy,… do that. Some may call it your gift, but whatever you call it, don’t give it away. Figure out how to be compensated for your work. I’ve stopped limiting myself and evaluating what I do, for less than what’s it’s worth. Sum it up with, believe in yourself. If you do the work, you’ll get exactly where you need to be.

Make sure to visit these lovely ladies as they drop some knowledge on us all. I know I’ll be making the rounds… see you there!

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Do what you love!

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