Remember my excitement when I found this little gem?


It’s mid-century, it’s a rocker, it swivels, and it was 50 beans. Check, check, check, and check.

However, my excitement made way for nervousness, as I faced this chair reupholstery. Where to start? Hmm… so, i just simply started.


I ripped away at the old fabric doing my best to mark and save each piece to help make new pattern pieces with the new fabric. The two metal tack strips along the back panel were even saved! Score!



It was all going so well until you realize you’re left with… this…


Meh, worry about it later, I say!

I was able to pop the front wooden arm pieces off of the chair with the use of a trusty soft mallet. For now, refinishing the wood was the goal. I sanded the heavy stained finish off…


Did I mention how much I love my sander??


I was surprised that I was left with two tones of wood. Not what I was expecting, but it was welcome. Hey now! Free, quirky, extra finishing details! (woot! woot!)


Clear Varathane was my friend here, after a few coats I had some beautiful wood detail, that was protected, and good to go, for years to come. Gorgeous, right?


Ok, next up. The seat back buttons. I needed to string these before I could move much further on the chair.


And, since the plan is to put this rocker in our future nursery, I decided on those adorable Ric Rac Rabbits from that fabric sale weekend! Each little face was the perfect size for the buttons kit.


Funny thing is the back seat piece was the easiest chunk of sewing I had. And, boy does that one panel make a difference… but it is very mis-leading for the amount of work left to do. Those dang arms! But, I’ll handle that tomorrow…


Something fun first! Those bunnies! A simple bit of sewing to attach the buttons to the exposed chair frame around the back.


Tugged to the perfect amount of tufting. A few staples, a couple knots, and…


How. Cute. Are. These???


And that’s good for today. A great time to take a break, sit back and admire your progress, so far. (Not too much admiring though girl, you have A LOT to do!)


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