Another tick off the “to-do list” today. The nursery change table, also given to us by neighbours, is ready to go. Time to remove the last remnants of our home office out to make room for this new piece. I guess I’d better get on a change pad too! Here’s a look at the before…

The same “ground ginger” paint as used on the dresser is what I’ve used here.

And, I found a new use for some bamboo style placemats. I began by cutting off the hem, and tiling the placemats as seemlessly as possible to add some texture. I used spray glue to attach to the shelves and the fronts of the drawers. I found the placemats at Superstore for a couple bucks each, and used about 9 placemats for this project.

The bottom drawers needed some hardware (I picked up new ones at Home Depot), so I began by measuring carefully (a couple of times), and marking it off. Pick the appropriate drill bit size to create your hole with, drill, and add your hardware. Done!

After I was sure I had my hardware in the right spot (phew!), I removed them quickly so I could add on my bamboo material, popped the hardware back on and the drawers were complete!

And, here is the finished product. Since I had never worked with a material like this, it made me a little nervous, but it also made the project a lot more fun. Stepped out of the comfort zone for this one!

Got a project you’d like to share? Email me some lowres images here!

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  1. Cute project! I’ve never heard it called a “change” table before. Must be a Canadian thing, eh? Down here it’s a “changing” table!

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