Look at this kid! Elbow deep in her birthday cake batter bowl. (It was chocolate, if you couldn’t tell). But, we’re not talking cake today. Look behind her… and, over to the right… Yep, right there. See?


“Balloons on string” is one of the easiest, cheapest, quickest way to put up a little birthday cheer. Right above the stairs was the perfect spot. Visible from everywhere, big and bold, welcoming and cheery.

Aaaaaand, I forgot to take any pictures of them. That happens when you’ve got your camera focused on your toddler taking a couple hundred photos — that reminds me, I gotta clear out my iPhoto.

“Balloons on string” inspired “Christmas ornaments on string”, a quick visit to Rona snagged these beauties, ($14 for 8, yay!), add string, add tacks. And, done… in about 10 minutes. Let’s get our ‘Christmas ceiling decor’, on guys!

hanging ornament

I usually have a problem singing the praises of my “ceiling á la popcorn.” But in this case, it’s ideal. (No tack holes to notice after the holidays).

large ornament

It goes without saying these ornaments are feather-lite. You don’t want anyone getting knocked on the noggin with your Christmas cheer! (If you’re giving this a try, please, please promise me you’ll be safe! No hanging off railings or leaning unstable ladders on stairs. Ya? Ok, thanks).

oversized christmas decor

An easy bit of cheer for an otherwise empty corner of the house. It’s going to feel pretty boring over here when the holidays are over. I think I will finally get some artwork up on the wall for the new year. Yep, that’s a must. Happy decorating!


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