This time of year we are ALL spending enough money. I love when I can envision a project and accomplish it with what I have already in the house — or, in this case the garage.

I adore large urns at the front of any house. Welcoming, beautiful, versatile, and usually… expensive. I have these old, 3-foot lighted trees, and I really wanted to raise them up, up, up, at the front of the house to help give a little Christmas spirit to our enormous, and pretty boring looking garage door (without spending hundreds of dollars).

We had some bits and pieces of pressed particle board in the garage, it was pretty banged up, and had old bits of paint from other projects — but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t hide with a bit of spray paint.

So off we went, creating a very simple box. 4 equal rectangular pieces, and connected them together from the inside with some 1 x 1 board. We layered a square particle board piece on the inside to create a “shelf”, and added some additional supports above that.

Kinda like this (excuse my sad little illustration, that’ll teach me to not take a photo along the way)…

Here’s a peek from inside the top:

And, once the box was built (x2), I made the most simple stencils you can imagine, for a little Christmas flare at the front.

Yep, holly shapes cut from painters tape. Freehand, easy, 5 minutes tops… applied them to the front of my planters-box-urn-Christmas-tree-holder-cube-thingy. And, can you guess what happened next?

Yep, spray paint. I gave this textured variety¬†from Krylon a try… pretty neat stuff. It’s hard to see in the images, but it IS very textured and gives a stone finish.

I wanted the natural particle board to show behind, and here’s the finished look:

Now, Winter is in full effect where we are, so the only thing left to do was to freeze my buns off lugging this thing outside, and lighting her up!

Much much better than a plain, boring old garage door, no?

Pretty decent impact for the cost of spray paint. Love a good deal!

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