Christmas Front Door Decor

‘Tis the season for some Christmas Front Door Decor! Pink is new for us for the holidays. I was inspired by all the snow this year (we’ve had a lot), it has created a big ol’ blanket of white on our new acreage, so we needed something that would have a little pop!

diy christmas wreath

But, especially being the first Christmas in the new digs, we don’t want to invest much. We can get a feel for everything this year… and change things to suit us, in the years to come.

So — time for a mini-makeover for an old friend. This pink studded wreath started out like this…

christmas wreath

I ditched the gold ornaments and ribbon, out for some new finds. Hot pink ornaments and adorable chevron ribbon.

pink christmas ornament

Around 12 beans later, I had a wreath with a whole new life, not to mention a bunch of leftover ribbon for other projects.

I scored a few over-sized ornaments for the porch, to tie everything together. 5 for around $40. Not too shabby for a pretty fun, front door, showing off its Christmas spirit!

Fun fact: I was hanging a silver ornament while the rest were on the porch below me… totally dropped the ball (ya, I said it), and smashed a giant hole in one of those poor pink beauties. So it was closer to $50 for me, but, if you’re not Ms. Butterfingers… you can save a few bucks!

large christmas ornament

Not bad for a first go at Christmas. A good start to welcome our guests with some Christmas cheer. Looking forward to new memories for many years to come in our little DIY adventure of a home. <3

christmas front door decor

christmas decor

Let’s take another look at that wreath…

christmas wreath with pink metallic

Yep, that’ll do just fine. Merry Christmas all!




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  • Love this! I put long string on large Christmas balls and hung them from my huge spruce tree on the southeast corner of my lot. They look great; had lots of comments on them from passersby :)
    I’ll post a pic if I can on your FB but it doesn’t do justice.

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