So the big move is about a week away. We’re excited and impatient (like a kid on Christmas) to get to the new place. But, before we get there we had one important decision to make… how the heck are we gonna move anyway?

If you’ve taken a little visit over to the facebook page you might of noticed this new addition to the driveway…

Use a shipping container to move

Yep, a shipping container. And, I am here to sing the merits of this option. How did we make this decision? Ease of use + price = the right option (for us).

First, ease of use. Now, we have never hired professional movers  — but, we have gone the rental truck (do-it-yourself) method before. And, when we compared DIY to the container, it got a couple big marks against it.

Number one, the inconvenience of it. Arranging, picking up and dropping off of the truck, and only having the truck for a limited amount of time. It can feel frantic and rushed. Added to this, you may be stuck behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re not so comfortable with, driving to your new neighbourhood, you’re not so familiar with, can make for a stressful day.

Number two, the value. DIY is definitely the most cost effective option. However, this time around, moving from a bigger home than last time (more stuff), not to mention a toddler running around (and all her stuff too), we felt we got better value from the container, and here’s why…

For what worked out for us to be about an extra $200 or so (vs the DIY rental truck), we get the container for a MONTH. Yes, a month. This means full 24-hr a day access to pack to our hearts content before the move. We arranged to have the container at our current home for a little over 2 weeks, and at the new place for a little under 2 weeks.

A truck drops the container off, a truck moves it to the new location, and a truck takes it away at the end of our adventure. No scary winter drive for us, no schedule or late fees to worry about.

This option also means we don’t need to inconvenience an army of friends and family for the move. Especially since we’re moving on a weekday, this is extra important this time around. We have 2 weeks at the new house to move everything inside.

Now, I know some people swear by hiring movers, and that is one option I can’t comment on personally. However, the container gave us some time to go through the house thoroughly… purging as we went along. I think with any move, you end up moving a few things you don’t need. But with the container, the moving date was never looming over our heads. And with less pressure, we can take our time, and have no truck or people to schedule. And the one thing I do know, it cost less than hiring professionals.

So for us, it was win-win. Every move is different. Maybe next time it will be the professionals for us. But, this time, the container won for best value in our neck of the woods.

Back to packing for me! Excited to share the move and the new place with you all!

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