This is the laundry room in our last house. Remember this one? Let me have a moment here… Mmm.


I loved it. But it wasn’t always this nice…


It started out like this…


We have a new laundry room makeover on our hands… and it’s kinda hurting. First of all, it is obviously also being used as a storage room, which is fine –– but, I’m sure we can come up with some better solutions than this.



There are two less-than-stellar lights in there, but worse than that, there is a super strange bulk head to deal with. One light is on the lowest portion, and the other is on the upper most ceiling, right above the washer and dryer (a fancy boob light no less). And, of course we’ve got another storage shelf crammed in there.

Yep, a far cry from our last home. I will need to put my thinking cap on for this one…


There is a possible more in-depth renovation in the years to come, but nowhere in the immediate future. So, the cost of changing the current laundry room has to be low. But, it needs to have the impact needed to make the space that much more usable, and let’s face it, more pretty, for the next couple years.

The #1 thing I miss from the old laundry room? Having the front load washer and dryer LIFTED off the floor. It is cumbersome dealing with the laundry a few inches off the ground.

The #2 thing I miss? The light. Our last laundry room was on the first floor and though it did not have a window… light flooded in from the main level. This current laundry is at the end of a dark windowless hallway, and only has the odd bulkhead light, and the oh-so-fancy boob light. Not to mention the paint is a dingy yellow. Not so bright.

The #3 thing I miss? FUNCTION. Pretty obvious by the photos above, it could be improved.

And, last but certainly not least. #4? The Pretty. There are many things this laundry room is but, pretty, is not one of them.

Something like this could work… add second hand upper cabinets for hidden storage, we could try for a couple decorative/functional baskets up top. Definitely lift up the machines, and possibly add a counter top for a bit of folding. Maybe even splurge on a little bit of backsplash tile for “the pretty”!?


As for that awkward bulkhead… we could possibly ditch that light all together, and focus on getting a larger, brighter fixture over the washer and dryer. And then that would free us up to put in some perfectly sized built-in shelving under the bulkhead near the door.


Thinking cap on… Pinterest here I come!



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