Decoupage for days! Getting back to my crafting roots for this fun little project…

Adorable step stool idea with decoupage!

We’re back with another month of DIY, in our 12 Months on DIY Instagram Challenge! Follow along on Instagram with #12MonthsofDIY and #MayModPodge. Today it’s all things Mod Podge. Mod Podge is the master ingredient to all things decoupage. And, that’s the road I’m going down today! (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures). 

Two tone kitchen, with dark lower cabinets -- farmhouse modern.

I broke out my matte finish Mod Podge for a classic decoupage project, and I’m jazzing up a simple step stool — function for my little lady, and some pretty for Mama’s kitchen.

How to decoupage

First I started with my Plain Jane step stool. Nothing wrong with it, but it was nothing special. I had the perfect paper waiting in the wings — some wrapping paper from Ikea.

Ikea wrapping paper and mod podge decoupage.

Just look at that sassy-pants ladybug, and the friendly frog on the right. Sweet enough to pass for kids, but fun and interesting for the ‘adult kitchen space’.

Mod Podge - how to decoupage!

Supplies for Decoupage:

Here’s my easy trick for handling those mis-matched sized steps in a snap…


(1). I outlined each step with green painter’s tape, and (2). transferred the rectangle to cardboard (in this case an old cereal box). (3). I trimmed around each rectangle, and now I have the perfectly sized template for each step (4).

make a template

This allowed me to easily map out exactly what I wanted to show on the two steps, without any trial and error. I could, at a glance, line up my trim marks to include all the cute characters without cutting anyone out. On to the decoupage!

Mod Podge and decoupage, how to.

It’s easy as pie. I first applied a thin layer of Mod Podge, with a makeup sponge (use what you have people!), and lined up my pretty paper with the corners of each step on the stool.

Decoupage steps for a cute kitchen step stool!

Grab a card from your wallet and burnish it down to get out all the air bubbles. Do this step right away, as the wrapping paper will want to set up fairly quickly.

Great idea to upgrade a kitchen step stool with a little decoupage

Let it dry and then apply another layer of Mod Podge on top. That is how to decoupage! I continued on, to add a total of 3 top coats to my step stool. When it is finished, you’d never know it wasn’t originally a part of the stool. The finish is super smooth and durable.

A fun idea to upgrade a plain step stool with pretty paper and decoupage

Quick tip: In between coats of Mod Podge, I would pop my sponge into a zipper-bag to keep it from drying out.

A fun idea to upgrade a plain step stool with pretty paper and decoupage

This kitchen might not be finished, but my new decoupage step stool is! It fits right in. The blues totally belong with our two-tone kitchen cabinets. Our lowers are a almost-black navy.

A fun idea to upgrade a plain step stool with pretty paper and decoupage. Two tone kitchen cabinets.

All the good stuff is at the Kiddo’s fingertips now. Cereal, cookies, applesauce cups… you know, the staples. She’s happy to climb up there, and we’re happy to have kicked our paint-splattered project stool to the curb.

Just one small step in the kitchen reno, done. Did you catch the lack of a backsplash and kick-plate in the photos above? But it’s all coming along, I promise. Our little decoupage project gave me the chance to give a little sneak peek of what’s to come. Can’t wait to share the rest of it with you!

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  1. OK, not only is this adorable, the trick with the cardboard may be the most awesome trick I’ve seen in a while. Love everything about this! I have a little stool I’m doing this to. Thanks for the idea!

  2. The colours from that wrapping paper pairs perfectly with your cabinets! I was so happy to read you are redoing your kitchen, I’m kind of a sucker for kitchen renos and love your style, so that’s a win win! And that sassy pants ladybug, so cute!!!!

    1. Thanks Laurie! Can’t wait to let you see the whole thing! We’re loving our new stool in the meantime. Mom might use it too for the tall cabinets. ;)

  3. This is brilliant Jen! I love your project for so many reasons. The tutorial was excellent! I love your pattern paper choice. So clever to use wrapping paper from IKEA! Such a practical project that you can use for many years. Thank you!

  4. that wrapping paper is from IKEA?! THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT!
    great project, it fits with your home decor and I love the colours it brings to the space.

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