Ok folks, time for a little master bedroom update. As you know we got ourselves hooked up with the ever popular PAX system from Ikea. Ahh! Guys… it’s so good! But I think we can get this working for us, even a little better.


So, as you can see, we were in such a rush to get using the PAX closet that –– there she sits, middle of the room, surrounded by the original paint colour on the wall. Sooo… I guess we’ll be painting around it then?

Mmk. So. That big block of PAX has created these two unusable cubby-type things on either side of it…


See what I mean? Kind of weird. But… then I got to thinking. Seems to me it’s the PERFECT size for some shelving. Yeah! Awesome idea! So, lets get to a little, DIY Build, with Bedroom Shelving!


Paint. Paint, is always a great place to start. And urgh, I’m so not a fan of this pinky-beige muddy colour we’ve been living with for over a year.

I found the perfect white to match the Ikea PAX as close as possible.


Already… so. much. better! –– Man, I have got a real white paint addiction happening here lately.

Ok. So the plan is shelving. Preferably floating, or hidden bracket shelving. Flush to the walls. All custom and beautiful… but, with as little a price tag as I can manage. Right. The whole budget thing is always getting in the way. However, it is great for the imagination!

So here’s what I came up with. I found right angled lengths of metal from Home Depot to create my custom brackets. I cut them down to about 7″ lengths per bracket and planned for 4 shelves per side, with 2 brackets each.


I used a drill press to punch 2 holes on each bracket, to take the screws, for hanging on the wall.


How cool is this thing? I also added 1 smaller hole on the bottom of each bracket, just in case I wanted to screw it upwards into the wood shelf itself. You’ll see what I mean in two shakes…


Here are all my brackets. Can you see there? 2 holes on one edge for the wall, and one small hold on the other edge for the shelf.


Ok. Here is where this project got ridiculous. Between the sidewalls of the PAX, and our old uneven 1970s walls, absolutely NOTHING is square in the corners of the room. Oy! So, each shelf was trimmed to match the exact location I wanted it to fit.

I may of got Steve helping with that step as to not, y’know, lose my mind.


So bam! Look at this. Here they are all in place. The level was my very best friend during this process. Small adjustments to makes sure my odd walls didn’t ruin my plan. Level and measure placement for each bracket, and level each shelf. It was all a little finicky, but once you get on a roll, it actually goes pretty quick.

Now for a fun trick. I purchase strips of hobby wood from the hardware store to face each shelf. This does two things… hides the brackets from view, and makes your shelves look 3 inches thick! Awesome!


Cheap pine shelves purchased for around $10, look custom and rich, and heavy. Perfect.


See what I mean? My power stapler also takes brad nails, so I just popped a few into each shelf, to hold everything in place. Pretty cool, right?


Here’s a better look at the hobby wood before I attached them to the shelves.


Next, stain!


Stain x’s 8. It got a little smelly up in here.


And, here we’ve got all 8 shelves in place. And, yes, I only painted the cubbies so I could build my shelves. Shorcut! … but, you’ll be happy to know I got my rear in gear and the entire bedroom is painted now. Fancy that.


Let’s take one more closer look…


Build your own DIY floating shelving

I have a plan to add trim to the top of the Pax unit to polish it off all the way to the ceiling. Ya? I think that will do the trick.

No more awkward cubbies for me! Now to stock those shelves and add some pretty up in here! I’ll be sure to share that too.

Thanks for checking in! Got any weird spots in your place that you’ve conquered with a little clever thinking? Tell me about it!



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  1. OMGEEE! those look so good! Did you already have a drill press or did Home depot do that for you? I know they’ll cut wood but not sure about cutting or drilling metal.

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