I don’t know about your neck of the woods… but it has been hot around here! I think it was around the time my make-up was melting off my face, faster than I could apply it, that I brilliantly thought, “I should do something about this!” (Two years later).

But nevermind the delay, I got around to it. Okay, my HUSBAND got around to it. Isn’t he sweet?

Now, just what was it that saved the day? Energy Film! If you’ve got a bathroom window that gets that strong morning sun, you know exactly how hot your morning routine can be. This is the first of a few upgrades we have planned to help our home be a little more comfortable in the hottest of summer days.

Energy Film claims to reject 70% of solar heat, and have 97% of UV rejection.

Step 1: Clean your window thoroughly.

Step 2: Measure your window and the Energy Film.

Step 3: Trim the Energy Film to size.

Step 4: Spray the window with a mixture of water and very little dish soap. This allows for the film to slide into place on the window.

Step 5: Apply the film.

Step 6: Spray the exposed side of the film with water, and squeegee out all the air bubbles. Hint: start in the centre of the film and work your way toward the edges.

That’s it. You’re done. It’s clean and clear and you’ll never know it’s there! Isn’t it funny how it seems to be the easiest projects that you procrastinate about? Thanks Steven for getting down to business… now for a screen door and whirly bird vent?

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  1. That is a neat product! I can’t tell though, does it have a frosted finish or is that your window? At first I thought it was the film but looking at the pictures I think it may be the glass?

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