So I’ve really been loving copper these days. It’s been a great accent colour we’ve slowly been adding here and there to our front landscaping. And, I really loved the idea of having large copper flower pots of some kind. But — they aren’t really all that easy to come by. And, copper’s not really the cheapest material around.

I knew I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for at your garden variety big box store. So another DIY it is!

I found these cheap ($9 each), little steel flower boxes at Canadian Tire this Summer. I liked the shape, wasn’t crazy about the strange outlined butterflies, and the size was okay.



I thought that since they were starting out as a metal product, bent and shaped into flower pots, they would be ideal for a little faux copper paint trickery.


I started by staking poles into the ground away from the house, and plopped them on top. This is by far the best way I’ve found to paint smaller objects, and get access to all sides, and also any nooks and crannies.


They took about 4 coats of copper metallic paint (I used this one). This paint says it’s an interior paint, so I made sure to coat it with a protective clear coat after everything dried.


They are a bit protected by the roofline of the house and they are also not kept in direct sunlight, and they’ve been doing great! No peeling, chips or fading!


I used my favourite Summer shade flower — Begonias! And, they look great. They have been a gorgeous pop of colour against our boring monocromatic new DIY sidewalk.


What y’all think? Not bad for about 30 beans, including paint, ya?


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