As soon as I came across this fantastic fabric flower tutorial on Grosgrain Fabulous, I knew I had to give it a shot. I too, have been admiring the beautiful flower designs over at Emerson Made, and wondered what I could achieve on my own.

Now, my creation is no “Yellow Rose of Texas 5,” but I think I did okay.

Since I was in the mood for experimenting, I tried using a really light, loose woven wool for one flower. It’s a little floppy, but it was fun to try it out in a different texture. I also popped some buttons in my floral centres instead of a contrasting fabric, and it worked out quite well. I think I will definitely keep experimenting with this, and with my next flower, I will go B-I-G Big, just for fun!

Head over to Grosgrain Fabulous and see what you can do!

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