Remember my candlestick lamps, makeover? Well, I got two-projects-in-one with that little garage sale, gem. Now, its the old dusty shades’ turn to become something new. A DIY Pendant Light, anyone?

DIY pendant light, from old wire lamp shades.

First, let’s take a look at how my $10 score started out, way back when…

DIY pendant light, from old wire lamp shades.

And, the lamps turned out great, with a little gold and blue paint. (This post may contain affiliate links. This means, should you end up making a purchase, advertisers give me a small percentage of that sale, at absolutely NO EXTRA COST to you. Click here for full disclosures).

DIY pendant light, from old wire lamp shades.

Now to deal with those dusty shades. This might just be the easiest project ever. I started by ripping off all the fabric, and cleaning them up a little. Then they got a healthy dose of oil-rubbed bronze, spray paint.

DIY pendant light, from old wire lamp shades.

Next, I found a pendant lighting kit from and taped it up, to prep for a little copper paint upgrade.


Then, I stacked the old shade frames on top of each other to create the shape for my new light.


I found some inexpensive copper wire, in a craft store jewelry department, and used it to tie the two shades together.



My lighting kit got a matching coat of copper spray paint to finish off the look.


Voilá! Perfect match!


I used the nut fastener off my lighting kit to act as the stopper for my new shade on the lighting cord. And, reinforced it with a little hot glue, around the hole in the top of the light shade.


Done. Not including drying time, this was maybe a 20 minute project. The original cost of the lamps was $10 for the pair, the lighting kit was another $12, and I already had the spray paint, a couple bucks worth of wire…  So, $22+ bucks for 3 light fixtures? Not too shabby.


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