With the holiday season quickly approaching (can you believe I’ve already seen a Christmas commercial?), I thought I’d revisit a project from last year. Place cards!

We used this project for a large office Christmas party. We needed something cheap, sparkly, and festive. And, these hit the mark perfectly. But, these would be fun for a Halloween or Thanksgiving gathering as well.

What you’ll need:

Start with the small Mandarin oranges. Simply use a hot glue gun to dot little dabs of hot glue at random all over the tops of the oranges. Sprinkle with some glitter and shake off the excess. Set aside to dry.

I chose to use a word processing program to type in all the names and print them out onto paper. But if you have great penmanship and a little more time, you could handwrite these in a script style, and it would look fantastic!

Then its simple. Cut each name tag out in a shape of your choosing (I had kind of a flag vibe going on here). Maybe you even have a fancy paper punch shape you can use. And, cut the same shape in a complementary paper. Place them a bit askew from one another and use a little got glue to not only stick them together, but also pop a toothpick inbetween them too.

All that’s left to do is pop your name tag into your sparkly orange and you’re done! When candlelight hits these little cuties, all over the table, it really adds to the atmosphere for the evening.

Have fun crafting kids!


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