Remember this big, before and after? Well that dandy little foyer bench is hiding a secret… wanna hear it?… here goes…


It was in hiding storage. It was originally covered in a green leather when I purchased it from Urban Barn, years ago. I loved it. But, we went on vacation, and left our cat with a sitter — she vented her frustration on this poor bench with the power of her kitty nails, and I eventually recovered it with this brown microsuede. I was never really crazy about it again.


After we moved, into the garage it went. The layout of the new house didn’t really allow for a great spot for it. Until… I tackled the front foyer. It turns out it was a perfect, and i mean PERFECT match for the size of our old front closet. Lucky-lucky!!

So! Time for a makeover and time to fall in love with this piece, again. First, I ripped off my old “makeover/makeunder” job. Buh-bye microsuede…


Then, planned out an affordable makeover. First, a couple yards of this oh-so-pretty “Swallow Study in Teal“. I have a serious Joel Dewberry Fabric problem, my vintage trailer is swimming in it, the Kiddo’s curtains, and now this bench. Definitely a fav!

And next, old jeans! I’ve been saving our old jeans for years, it’s such great fabric, and I thought this would be a great project to give my bench that comfy rustic look.


I cut the legs open and laid them out and pinned them together.


Trimmed off the excess, and sewed the pieces together. Then, I was left with one nice big piece of fabric for the top. Easy! And, Free!


Next, I pinned my beautiful birdie fabric to the face of the bench, and pinned it to the denim.


Another quick sew… and we’re almost there!


I purchased some new retro wood legs from the hardware store to give the bench some height.


(Can you see the cat scratches? Urgh). Onward! Now to staple on my new fabric cover. And, here is the “secret”…


I totally didn’t cover it all the way around. I knew it would be hidden on 3 sides inside the closet, so it would be a total waste of fabric. I knew I’d never move the bench out of the closet… so here I go…


Here’s the top secret view from the back…


Oh, and a fun little detail?? — I left the knee holes on my denim piece and patched them from underneath with my bird fabric. Cool huh??


This bench sure helped turn this once, super boring, and dysfunctional closet into something incredible. One last look at the ugly:


And, done… Soooo done!! Am I right??


The extra height from the new wood legs also allowed me to add this Ikea drawer we had leftover from our PAX wardrobe¬†project in our bedroom. It’s great for all those little mitts, touques and scarves. Loving this bench again!

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