So, what bathroom doesn’t seem to need additional storage? Floor plans often don’t allow for additional cabinets — so its time to look up. Waaaaay up. I decided, for my own, that a wall mounted cabinet was the way to go.

I found a great, very affordable cabinet at Ikea. TheĀ Brimnes wall cabinet, with sliding door, fit the bill. It has the best of both worlds, allowing for a little bit of display, and hidden storage.

I had some vinyl decals left over from a previous project and thought I could easily use them to dress up this Ikea number.

The vinyl cutout started from an image I found on the internet and traced with Illustrator. I submitted the file to my local vinyl decal / print shop. They were able to cut the design in the colours I selected. I had 4 different sheets cut, in the same design, in two different colours for around $40.

This is the original design:

Here is the vinyl from the print shop:

Begin by planning the position of your vinyl. When you’re ready, peel away the protective layer. (If you’re working with a large piece of vinyl, you may choose to remove this little by little as you work from top to bottom, attaching the vinyl to your selected surface). Here is my piece revealed, sticky-side out:

Start at the top, and with a putty knife or credit card, press and attach the vinyl from left to right, top to bottom. It’s very important to work out all the air bubbles! After you’ve got it all on, take a good look and push away any remaining air bubbles…

Now for the fun part! Slooooowly pull the backing sheet off the surface.

And here she is:

The only thing left to do is dress it up a little, and take advantage of that extra storage! The vinyl is simple, affordable and with minimal effort, it has some pretty significant visual impact!

Now you see it…

Now you don’t…

Here is a previous project where I used the identical vinyl cut out, and applied it to a ceramic garden stool:

Have a project you’d like to share? Send me some low-res images here.

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