… I’m just using what I got.¬†Yep, J.Lo reference for your morning today. Well, I am a Jenny, not from the block… but I got rocks. Big heavy ones. Big heavy garden rocks that is.

Our (new) front yard had little personality. And… with a new house and SO MUCH TO DO, we want to keep these types of additions and improvements on the cheap.

The front of the house had a sad little rock garden. Not much growing. I imagine it was originally put there to hide the fact that grass doesn’t want to grow there either. Time to put these rocks to better use!

rocksupply rock-front

I thought they would make better use with a rock garden on the front yard. Olivia and I got to work digging out a circle…



We decided on lavender, hen and chicks, and a tall perennial grass in the centre. We built some muscles moving the top soil, plants and mulch.



The fun part was getting the rocks in place. That sounded sarcastic didn’t it? Really! It all came together with the big stones. A MUCH BETTER use for them. And, they look great… and now, so do my biceps!


It is kid approved!! Phew!


Grow, grow, grow, my pretties!


Now to get to work building that deck across the front to replace the old rock garden. Remember the plan? Wish us luck!

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